CorkSol – The UKs Original Sprayed Cork Coating

By Chris Heaton
Date 10/06/2024
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Back in 2014, our founder and MD, Joff Ward, first came across the CorkSol brand when researching innovative building methods in the Netherlands. Quickly spotting the amazing benefits of cork as a building material, he brought it into the UK that same year. Then, in 2017, alongside our Technical Director Jamie Orr, CorkSol UK was officially formed.

Since those early days, when CorkSol was the only sprayed cork coating in the UK, the company has continued to grow and to invest in the product to maximise the natural benefits of cork and make it suitable to the UK market. One of the first decisions was to create the Independent Applicator Network, a group of trade professionals who attended a training course at CorkSol to learn about the product benefits and application process. The network was created to ensure that the product was applied to a professional standard to maintain the quality of the product and ensure the right conditions to deliver maximum performance. Whilst there have been bumps in the road, the network has now expanded to approximately 350 companies – all independent, and all focused on delivering a superior product and service. To underpin this, CorkSol back up the integrity of SprayCork with a 25-year product warranty.

On the back of this, in 2023, CorkSol launched the QualiCork scheme, which focuses on the Independent Applicator Network delivering exceptional service to our valued customers throughout the UK. With a focus on customer service, the scheme sets out to provide greater transparency of the network and sets the standards of service that should be expected by customers throughout the building trade. That is why we stand by the Network and won’t sell through builders’ merchants and DIY outlets.

As more people become aware of the magnificent benefits of using cork as a building coating, so more businesses look to take advantage of this. Unfortunately, they offer a product that hasn’t been developed with UK customers in mind, limited colour ranges, and don’t provide installation training or technical support to those that buy and apply it. This means that the standard of workmanship will not be as high as when applied by a member of the Independent Applicator Network, and the benefits homeowners are expecting won’t always deliver.

So, if it doesn’t say CorkSol on the tub, it isn’t CorkSol in the tub.

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