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Introducing SprayCork, a next generation building material helping to pave the way toward a greener future.

CorkSol has been supplying sustainable, cork-based products to the UK build sector for a number of years and SprayCork, our next generation cork sprayed coating, is the most revolutionary yet.

SprayCork is a natural cork sprayed coating for new build and renovation projects. It provides a sustainable, innovative solution for homes, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The concentrated cork content leads to a high quality finish to transform internal and external walls. Alongside this, SprayCork provides strong eco-credentials, enhanced thermal efficiency, and a wide range of colour options.

SprayCork benefits

On top of features such as weatherproofing, B rated fire resistance, acoustic absorption, adhesion to almost every surface, and a natural resistance to cracks, damp & condensation, algae & moss, SprayCork offers the following additional benefits:
  • Natural & Sustainable – SprayCork comes from a natural product and causes no permanent damage to the environment
  • Improved thermal performance – With high cork content, SprayCork is the ultimate thermal regulator, which can reduce fuel usage
  • Improved quality – Thanks to the cork content, the product makes for a fuller, better quality finish
  • More colour options – Available in 28 colours as standard to suit British tastes, with the option of bespoke tinting for larger orders
  • Fast application – Enhanced drying times help get the job done faster
  • Long Warranty – SprayCork comes with a 25-year product warranty
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corksol spraycork
Recommended by Kevin McCloud presenter of TV’s Grand Designs, it offers an eco-friendly and high performance alternative for plasterers and render companies. Cork is taken from the cork oak tree but no trees are felled. Instead the bark is stripped away and this releases oxygen into the air, which reduces carbon dioxide in the environment.

That’s good for the planet. The tree’s bark grows back each time. So it’s a sustainable resource (unlike quarried materials). The raw material goes to make CorkSol SprayCork.

The benefits of CorkSol SprayCork

high durability
High Durability
Highly durable and flexible coating to prevent cracking.
super adhesive
Super Adhesive
When it’s on, it stays on covering a range of surfaces.
patch repairs
Patch Repairs
Patch repairs possible (avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering).
thermal performance
Thermal Performance
Strong thermal insulator and reduces thermal bridges.
good sound insulation
Good Sound Insulation
Acoustic insulation goes hand in hand with thermal insulation. A CorkSol coating can absorb up to 38dB of noise, giving occupants of roadside properties a more peaceful life.
fire resistant
Fire Resistant
(Euro-class B safety rating), water resistant and breathable (this helps prevent mould and damp, gives people a healthier living and working space).
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