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SprayCork is the ultimate building coating for commercial projects
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CorkSol offer one of the most sustainable solutions for the commercial build sector.

Through our SprayCork coating we are helping the UK commercial sector build towards a better, greener future.

We have been supplying cork-based products to the UK construction industry for a number of years and offer an innovative solution for commercial projects, be it new build, retrofit and renovation, or extensions.
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Ideally, we seek to work with architects, designers and planners at an early conceptual stage to specify the best CorkSol solution to meet the project objectives.
As well as protecting your building and improving its energy performance, our commercial wall, ceiling, and roof coatings also add to the beauty of its design.

And not only is cork one of the most sustainable building products available, but it also has a range of benefits to satisfy commercial build requirements, such as;

  • Euro B class fire rating – this means that cork can be used as a protective fire coating on external facades to 18m, or internally with no height restrictions
  • Thermal insulation – improved thermal performance reduces heat loss and improves air tightness, meaning superior energy efficiency
  • Acoustic performance – demonstrating a reduction up to 38dB in sound pressure levels, SprayCork can help reduce ambient sounds and noise levels from external sources
  • Class 1 Vapour Permeability – being vapour permeable allows the structure to breathe, especially important in traditional buildings and conservation refurbs
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We understand the severity of the climate crisis and the role played by the construction industry – 39% of global carbon emissions come from buildings and construction, of which, 28% is from energy consumption.
By improving the energy efficiency of existing and new build properties we can create a better future for our planet – that’s why we’re committed to supplying products from a sustainable source.
CorkSol’s sustainable coating uses granulated bark from the cork oak tree which is stripped away from the tree without felling it. Over the following nine years the bark re-grows before being harvested up to a further 8 times, making it a truly sustainable resource.
During the regeneration process the tree absorbs much more carbon dioxide than usual, which is good for the planet. All elements of the harvested cork are used, in industries such as wine corkage, with all waste and dust being used in biomass.


Due to the nature of the product, it needs to be packaged in a solid and robust container. We have sourced containers that are 100% recycled. 

Once these have been used on site, all additional waste – such as protective wraps and PPE – can be enclosed within the container and sent to our partners who re-use the waste plastics in their recycled (and recyclable) boards.

Contact our team to find out more about why SprayCork is the ultimate building coating for commercial projects.
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  • "SprayCork was the ideal solution providing a fantastic colour match as well as unrivalled sound proofing and damp prevention. We’re delighted with this product and the overall finish. We can confidently say it has far surpassed our expectations."
    Stephen Bickers
    Leeds Dock
  • "It's been a great pleasure to work with CorkSol, to see the "can do" attitude of the team to deliver something kind of bespoke, very different to what you would normally do and creating a real lasting difference. The future is super bright for this material."
    Alex Scott-Whitby
  • "It's a really exciting opportunity. We've gone on a journey together through the Church House project and I think we're really hopeful that that relationship can continue. We think this could be a product we use across a lot of projects."
    Tom Joy
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