Cracked Render Repair

Longer lasting than re-painting, cheaper than re-rendering and with massive benefits over both

Is your current render starting to crack, stain or age? Invest in a CorkSol SprayCork coating.

SprayCork is a thin, durable and flexible coating used to overspray existing and tired looking render without the mess and costs of removing it.

The key ingredient is natural cork, one of the world’s most incredible and sustainable natural resources. SprayCork comes with a 25-year warranty, requires virtually no maintenance and provides many benefits over alternative solutions.

Corksol Cracked Render Repairs

SprayCork benefits

  • Repairs cracks and resists future cracking
  • Stays looking cleaner and fresher for longer
  • Increases thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Natural and eco-friendly
  • Stylish, modern, uniform finish, available in 28 colours
  • A quicker and cleaner process of application

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Why SprayCork’s unique features make it a great investment for cracked, stained and tired render


Resists cracking

Flexibility and elasticity are two of cork’s well known properties. As the most flexible coating product on the market, CorkSol repairs your current cracks and keeps future cracking away.


Highly durable and weatherproof

With a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and an ability to deal with anything the British weather can throw at it, an investment in SprayCork coating will perform for decades, keeping your walls dry and warm.


Resists discolouration

Cork’s natural resistance to organic growth keeps it looking cleaner far longer than alternatives. And it’s easy to wash off any marks or stains which may accidentally occur.


Suitable for coastal properties

The cork tree evolved in coastal regions around the Mediterranean, giving cork material a totally natural resistant to salty air. So a CorkSol coating is the natural partner for seaside walls.


Lowers your heating bills

Cork’s natural thermal insulation qualities means a CorkSol coating reduces heat loss through walls by up to 30%, bringing significant savings on heating bills, a massive advantage over alternative solutions.


Reduces road noise

Acoustic insulation goes hand in hand with thermal insulation. A CorkSol coating can absorb up to 38dB of noise, giving occupants of roadside properties a more peaceful life.


Reduces maintenance

A CorkSol coating vastly reduces your future maintenance costs and worries. At a fraction of the price of a total re-render, a CorkSol coating for your rendered home is a sound investment, giving total peace of mind.


Natural and sustainable

No trees are felled in the production of SprayCork. The cork in our material is harvested, leaving the trees to regrow. As they do so the forest’s CO2 absorption increases. This incredible natural process means that cork content in SprayCork coating of the average UK house is enough to offset over 500Kg of CO2 emissions.

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Quick results

Our approved applicators can repair your cracked render in two to three days.

The spray application process is quick, clean and quiet, with minimal disruption to the building occupants. Most homes can be completed in just two to three days.

2.3 million houses in the UK suffer from cracked or defective render

CorkSol’s 2021 National Rendered Homes survey shows that 47% of the UK’s 5 million rendered houses suffer from defects. That’s more 2.3 million homes. The number one problem reported is hairline cracks, followed by discolouration and, in coastal areas, salt attack.

You may not regularly inspect your render, but the truth is there is around a 50/50 chance you may have problems. An annual inspection of your render is highly recommended.

Read the full 2021 State of the Nation’s Render report

Render defects cause serious problems for your home and are more expensive to repair the longer you leave them. Even small cracks can let in penetrating damp, encouraging rot and mould, and increasing heat loss through walls.

As climate change brings more wind-driven rain, and with the destructive effect of winter frosts, problems only increase over time, eventually requiring an expensive total re-render. Many homeowners report that a total re-render is one of the most expensive costs of their life.


By investing in a CorkSol coating now, you can make major savings over a total re-render in the future, and start benefitting from CorkSol’s many other features right away.

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Longer lasting than re-painting, cheaper than re-rendering and with massive benefits over both

The investment case for SprayCork couldn’t be clearer than when shown in graphical form against the alternative options available to a property owner with defective render.

Corksol Cracked Render Repair

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Home Owner Reviews

I’m so in love with the end result, the house looks stunning and the before and after is dramatic.

Jean PatersonGlasgow

It’s a blessing to see people so passionate and excited about what they do. The house has exceeded my expectations. As soon as I heard about the cork coating, I knew that this was the right product for our home.

Mr and Mrs MackieOvertown

I originally only wanted to get this done to protect my house, but I didn’t expect it to look as beautiful!

Mrs RichmondPaisley

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