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Protect and enhance your building’s exterior.

Does your home suffer from cracked, discoloured, or stained exterior walls?

Or, perhaps, it’s the pebbledash you don’t like? Maybe you live by the coast and the salty air has ruined the look of your house?
These types of issues cause embarrassment and worry for many homeowners throughout the UK, and are common issues with more traditional render systems, which can easily crack or fade as time goes on or they are subjected to impacts. Broken gutters and leaky pipes can cause discolouration and staining, which looks unsightly.

A lot of the time, these are superficial, and the existing render doesn’t need to be removed. That is where SprayCork from CorkSol comes in. As the material is flexible and naturally resistant to impact, it can be used to spray over the existing render – giving a cleaner, fresher look to your house. And who doesn’t want to improve the kerb appeal of their house?
exterior wall coating
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On occasions, the existing render might have fully blown and will need to be removed before a new coating can be applied – remember, our coating is only as good as the surface it is sprayed onto. In this instance, the blown part of the render is removed, a base coat applied, and then SprayCork is sprayed over to give your house a stunning makeover, whilst improving its heat retention.

And as cork is naturally resistant to UV and algae growth, it is a low maintenance solution backed by our 25-year product warranty.

So now you can feel proud of your home, knowing it looks stunning and you can take advantage of all the benefits of cork.

Upgrade the look of your home with the durable beauty of a CorkSol coating.

And enjoy the added benefits of lower heating bills, reduced maintenance and helping save the planet.

CorkSol exterior wall coatings use a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, one of the world’s most incredible and sustainable natural resources. They are low maintenance and require no repainting and, with a 25-year guarantee, provide outstanding value for money.
  • Highly water and weather resistant
  • Stylish, modern, uniform finish
  • Natural and eco-friendly
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exterior wall coating

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The Benefits of CorkSol Exterior Coatings

high durability
High Durability
Our exterior wall coatings are highly durable and extremely weather resistant. With an expected lifespan of over 20 years, they last much longer than masonry paint and are much more cost-effective than re-rendering.
stylish finish
Stylish Finish
Our coatings come in a range of colours and can cover your home to create a stylish, modern and uniform finish. Cork’s natural resistance to algal and fungal growth means it also looks cleaner for longer.
natural and sustainable
Eco Sustainable
Made from sustainable resources, CorkSol exterior coatings are energy-saving and environmentally responsible. The cork used in our products contributes significantly to CO2 absorption and the battle against climate change.
thermal performance
Thermal Performance
The natural thermal performance of the cork in CorkSol can reduce heat loss by up to 30%. Our coatings are proven to be seven or eight times more insulating than traditional lime/sand renders.
highly durable and weatherproof
With a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and an ability to deal with anything the British weather can throw at it, an investment in SprayCork coating will perform for decades, keeping your walls dry and warm.
resists cracking
No More Unsightly Cracks
The natural flexibility of the cork in CorkSol means it can resist cracking and stop current hairline cracks opening up further.
Need help with a project? Search for a local approved applicator.
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Need help with a project? Contact a local approved applicator.
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Transform Your Property’s Exterior

Our exterior wall coatings don’t only protect your building from the weather, they also add to the beauty of the design.
If your home has 1970’s or 80s stone cladding, pebbledash, mismatching bricks, cracked/discoloured coverings or a mixture of different external materials, why not cover them to create a complete new look?

Our products create a beautiful and durable finish to your walls in a range of modern and traditional colours. They also provide thermal insulation to reduce your heating bills, resist cracking and discolouration and they weather-proof your building while still allowing it to breathe.

They are a low maintenance solution with a long lifespan. Our long-lasting, natural exterior wall coatings don’t fade, crack, chip or peel, they are breathable, flexible, weather-resistant and insulating.
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transform your propertys exterior
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Long-lasting Solutions For Coastal Homes

If your house is in an exposed or coastal location, it’s even more important it is protected by a long-lasting and weatherproof coating.
Instead of having the outside of your residence painted every other year, our exterior wall coatings are designed to replace masonry paint with a pleasing, weatherproof and durable finish.

Ideal for coastal areas with salty air, CorkSol is much longer lasting than masonry paint and much more cost effective than re-rendering, all while lowering your heating bills and helping to save the planet.

Our high performance exterior wall coatings are perfect to withstand the harsh battering by sea spray and rain, and still come with our 25 year product warranty.
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Recent Case Study

A Long-Lasting Fix for Decaying Render on the Isle of Man.
Existing render damaged by sea salt just 2 years after the application.
before coastal render
Our long-lasting CorkSol exterior coating applied with a 25-year warranty.
after coastal render
Read The Full Coastal Application Case Study
Need help with a project? Search for a local approved applicator.
Find An Applicator
Need help with a project? Contact a local approved applicator.
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