What’s the Best Insulation to Keep Your House Cool?

By Jamie Orr
Date 20/07/2022
what’s the best insulation to keep your house cool?

While the UK is hardly known for its tropical climate, it’s not uncommon for the sun to come out and the temperature to rise from June to August. That’s all well and good when you’re outside with a nice breeze. But it’s a little less enjoyable when you’re back indoors and the heat keeps coming in.

In this post, we’ll discuss why insulation is a good way to tackle the problem and how to find the best insulation to keep your house cool.

Insulation vs. air conditioning

When you want to keep your house cool, it’s easy to go straight for aircon. The problem? It’s redundant for about 90% of the year. That means you’re forking out for something you’ll only use in summer (and only around half of summer at that!).

Insulation is different because it’s an investment that pays off all year round. Effective insulation will keep you cooler in the summer by preventing heat from passing into your home as the sun heats it up. But it will also stop heat escaping when it’s colder outside.

In turn, that will continue to save you money and practically pay for itself. In winter, you can expect lower heating bills as it’s easier to maintain a comfortable temperature. In summer, there’s no need to have air conditioning adding to your electricity bills.

Choosing the best insulation

Where to insulate

To find the best insulation to keep your house cool, start by identifying where the heat is getting in. There are two key areas in this respect – your roof and your walls. While heat can pass through your windows, they’re not an area that can be insulated per se.

Both your roof and walls will be heated up by the sunlight. Slowly but surely, that heat will transfer through to the inside of your house, which makes the internal temperature rise. By insulating them, you can reduce the extent to which this happens – and keep your house cooler as a result.

And how to do it

Because we live in the UK, most insulation products don’t boast that much about their ability to lower the temperature. That can make it harder to find the best insulation to keep your house cool. Our tip? Look for those that are best at stopping heat passing through.

While it might seem like two opposing qualities, keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter both require the same insulative properties. So, by choosing a product that’s great at stopping heat getting out, you’ll also benefit from less heat getting in when it’s not wanted.

Effective insulation for your walls

If you’re looking for insulation that keeps houses cool, CorkSol can help. Our innovative SprayCork coating is proven to be 7-8 times more insulating than traditional renders. That makes it ideal for keeping you cool as well as reducing your heating bills through the winter.

Choose from an external coating or interior insulation, applied by a contractor that’s been fully trained by our experts. Find your nearest approved applicator today.

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