How to Make Your Conservatory Warmer

By Jamie Orr
Date 19/03/2024
how to make your conservatory warmer

Photo credit: ESJ Plastering

Conservatories are a great way to gain more living space without the need for planning permission. But all too often, they become icy cold when the temperature drops outside. In this post, we’ll discuss how to make your conservatory warmer to make the most of your extra space.

Why do conservatories get so cold?

The first point to consider is why conservatories get so cold in the first place. Here are three factors:

Glass walls and windows

The obvious answer is that glazing lets more heat escape than walls. With conservatories comprising glass for at least 50% of their wall space, it stands to reason that the room will be a bit colder than other parts of the home.

Glass or polycarbonate roof

Additionally, there’s the roof. Again, this isn’t constructed from the same materials as the rest of your house. Tiles and slate are replaced with glass or polycarbonate panels – and there’s no roof space for loft insulation which stops heat escaping the rest of your home.

Lack of heating

Another possibility is that the space isn’t heated like other parts of your home. Many conservatories were built as an addition to an existing building, and radiators weren’t always factored in.

Some homeowners might use temporary measures like fan heaters or portable radiators, which are less effective than your central heating. However, because of the issues discussed above, you might not even want a heater in your conservatory, as most of the heat would escape anyway.

How to make a conservatory warmer

Tackling the three areas above can transform your conservatory from cold to cosy. That said, not all of them are practical.

Insulating your conservatory walls

Let’s start with the glass walls and windows. Firstly, you can’t add traditional insulation as it will cover the glazing, block the light and defeat the purpose of a conservatory. You could replace them with more efficient glazing, of course, but this would come at a huge cost. Given that conservatories are made predominantly from glass, you’d almost be paying to replace the conservatory altogether.

Insulating your conservatory roof

A better solution is to insulate your conservatory roof. Again, you may be worried about the cost. However, you don’t necessarily need to replace your conservatory roof for improved heat retention. SprayCork can be used to coat your existing conservatory roof for roughly a third of the price.

Heating your conservatory

With the roof properly insulated, you may decide to improve the heating inside your conservatory. That could mean installing a new radiator or investing a better portable heater – though in many cases, this won’t be necessary.

Make your conservatory warmer with SprayCork

SprayCork is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to make your conservatory warmer. The sprayed cork coating is applied to either the inside or outside of your existing conservatory roof, creating an efficient thermal barrier with a 25-year warranty.

When applied externally, it also refreshes the appearance of your conservatory. Our eco-friendly coating will keep your conservatory cooler in summer too, as a bonus. To find out more, email [email protected] or find an approved applicator near you today.

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