What is the Best Exterior Paint for Coastal Homes?

By Jamie Orr
Date 27/01/2022
what is the best exterior paint for coastal homes?

Coastal home exteriors are exposed to some pretty testing weather conditions. With that in mind, many people are looking for the best exterior paint for coastal homes to add some protection. Others may simply want to add new paint colours with the assurance that they won’t fade or peel over time.

In this post, we’ll discuss which paint is best for coastal homes, but also how they benefit from more substantial protection.

Best paint for coastal homes

Looking at exterior paint alone, the best paint for coastal homes is going to be a weather-resistant masonry paint.

Masonry paint is specially formulated for better adhesion to masonry surfaces like stone or brick and mortar. Rather than being water-based like most indoor paints, it’s acrylic-based, which also gives it some resistance to the weather.

All that said, it’s usually best to use some additional products for better results. A masonry primer can improve adhesion before applying exterior paint to coastal homes, while a sealer can add to the weather-resistance of your paint after it’s dried.

The problem with exterior paint for coastal homes

If you’re looking specifically at paint for your coastal home, the advice above is your best option. However, it’s worth noting the unique challenges faced by coastal homes – and their walls in particular.

On top of the usual wind and rain faced across the UK, coastal homes are subject to salty spray from the sea. As well as bubbling away on the water’s surface, sea spray can travel up to 25km (15 miles).

When that salty mixture hits your walls, it can cause paint to corrode, crack and peel off your walls. The result is a wall that’s unprotected and looks pretty shabby. That’s without mentioning the exposure to sand from the coast and a higher likelihood of wind-driven rain, both of which will take their toll on exterior paint and your walls.

Proper protection for coastal home exteriors

In truth, even the best exterior paint for coastal homes won’t last long against the harsh seaside environment. External render is a more substantial option, although it too is susceptible to corrosion from salt.

Over time, the salt will eat away at traditional cement-based render, leaving it discoloured and eventually worn down. As with exterior paint, you’ll need regular maintenance to keep your walls looking the part.

Thankfully, there is a solution. CorkSol’s innovative SprayCork coating has no reaction to salt, so it won’t become discoloured or worn down over time.

How it works

Once salt is removed from your wall using a jet wash and anti-sulphate treatment, the sprayed cork coating can be applied to protect your coastal home exteriors. It comes with a 25-year guarantee, so you can rest assured it will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for specific coastal home exterior paint colours, SprayCork is available in a choice of almost 30 colours. It also provides additional thermal and sound insulation for your walls – so you get more comfortable interiors as well as weather resistant exteriors.

Best of all, we have a national network of approved applicators, who are fully trained in our external coating process. Find a fully trained contractor near you today to get a quote.


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