What is an Insulated Render System?

By Jamie Orr
Date 23/09/2021
what is an insulated render system?

Insulated render systems are recommended as a retrofit solution for buildings with poor insulation. But as with any home improvement, it’s worth understanding exactly what’s involved before making your move.

In this post, we’ll provide a clear definition, discuss the pros and cons of an insulated render system for your property, and explore the alternatives available.

The basics of an insulated render system

An insulated render system is a multi-layered approach to thermal insulation on the outside of a building. It usually comprises some form of rigid insulation, such as boards or sheets, which are then covered by a reinforcing mesh, render base coat and finishing coat.

Installing an insulated render system has one clear benefit for the building in question: it can vastly improve the heat retention properties of existing walls. It also has the secondary advantage of improved appearance, with the finishing coat of render providing a fresh, smooth look.

Most importantly, it does so without the need for cavity wall insulation, which is unsuitable for some properties. It also eliminates the need for internal insulation, which can eat away at the dimensions and usable space inside a building.

Are there any disadvantages?

While insulated render systems do have their merits, the main disadvantage comes from the size. The insulation layer itself, which is applied to external brickwork before being covered by layers of render, typically measures between 100-200mm in thickness.

As a result, external fittings and fixtures may have to be adjusted or replaced to accommodate for the additional bulk on external walls. Or, at the very least, they might have to be removed and reattached before and after the installation of an insulated render system.

That includes gutters and pipework as well as windowsills, and even door frames. This makes the process more time consuming – and more expensive as a result.

Insulated render without the ‘system’

If you’re looking to add external insulation to existing walls without the bulk of an insulated render system, there is an alternative. CorkSol SprayCork is an eco-friendly render that benefits from the natural thermal insulative properties of cork.

With insulation provided by the render itself, there’s no need to install an additional layer of bulky insulation boards. Instead, the insulated cork render is simply sprayed onto external walls, with no impact on the existing fixtures or fittings.

The cork spray is naturally breathable, which is vital for exterior walls to avoid issues with trapped moisture, damp and mould. It’s also highly flexible to prevent cracking, long-lasting with a 15-year guarantee, and great for sound insulation, with reductions of up to 12 decibels.

Find out more about SprayCork

Insulated render systems aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer a solution that provides insulation without disruption, Corksol is on hand to help. Contact us today to find out more about our innovative exterior wall coatings or to arrange a quote with a local approved applicator.


Photo credit: JPe Plastering

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