What Are Exterior Wall Coatings and What Benefits Do They Offer?

By Jamie Orr
Date 28/10/2020
what are exterior wall coatings and what benefits do they offer?

Exterior walls are one of the most important parts of any property. As the main barrier between your interior and the outside elements, it’s only natural you want to keep them in a good condition.

One way of doing so is with exterior wall coatings. In this post, we’ll discuss what exactly they are and the many benefits of using them.

What is an exterior wall coating?

As the name suggests, an exterior wall coating is a way of covering the walls on the outside of your home or commercial property. They’re much thicker than any type of exterior paint and can be applied to brickwork, existing render and various other surfaces.

There are a wide range of exterior wall coatings available with different features, colours and textures. Broadly speaking, however, they all have two main purposes – firstly to improve the walls’ performance, and secondly to make walls look better.

Exterior wall coating benefits

The benefits of exterior wall coatings depend on the features of the specific product you’re using. CorkSol SprayCork is a natural, eco-friendly render which draws upon the qualities of cork. This gives it a wide range of benefits, many of which can’t be matched by alternatives…


CorkSol SprayCork exterior wall coatings are highly durable and flexible. This means they can withstand the impact of even the harshest weather without cracking, providing the best results for customers in any environment.

Water resistant

Using cork as an exterior wall coating can also protect your property from moisture. The material is naturally water-resistant and breathable to prevent water ingress, damp and mould.


A cork-based exterior wall coating is incredibly adhesive. It can be applied to common exterior wall surfaces like brickwork and existing render, but also more unusual surfaces like steel. Whatever the case, when it’s on, it stays on.

Patch repairs

Unlike some exterior wall coatings, cork-based products can be used for patch repairs. This enables contractors to avoid costly and time-consuming jobs re-rendering an entire wall. They can then pass the time and cost savings onto their customers.

Thermally efficient

Exterior wall coatings provide an extra layer of insulation for your building. That’s especially true with cork, which is a naturally insulative material. It can stop heat escaping through thermal bridges – any weak or poorly insulated parts of your wall – and in turn reduce your energy bills.

Noise reducing

As well as stopping heat passing through, exterior wall coatings can reduce the amount of noise that comes through your walls. The naturally buoyant structure of cork makes it excellent for absorbing sound. Whether it’s traffic noise, weather or just loud neighbours, a cork wall coating can reduce noise and vibrations by up to 38 decibels.

Fire resistant

On top of all the other benefits, exterior wall coatings can also protect your walls from fire. CorkSol SprayCork has a Euroclass B safety rating, meaning it has limited contribution to fire. While that’s not a benefit per se, it’s a clear advantage over other wall coverings that can make fires grow and spread quicker.

High-performance exterior wall coatings

At Corksol, we specialise in sprayed cork coatings for exterior walls. From durability and water resistance to noise and heat insulation, our natural cork coating provides a wide range of benefits for any building.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or if you’re ready to put our exterior wall coatings to the test, find your nearest approved applicator.

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