Should You Insulate Your Home for Summer?

By Jamie Orr
Date 13/06/2022
should you insulate your home for summer?

It’s a hot summer day and your home feels like an oven. We’ve all been there – and opening a window never quite cuts it. But can insulation help? In this post, we’ll explore why UK homes get so warm and what kind of insulation you’ll need.

Too hot in summer

The UK is hardly known for its tropical climate. But when the weather gets hot, the inside of homes can be insufferable.

Those two points aren’t completely isolated either. Because we spend most of the year below 20°C, our homes aren’t designed to deal with heat – which is why it can be so bad when the temperature creeps up.

The solution? Some people try opening the windows. If it’s 25°C or even 30°C outside, that’s not going to make a difference. It’s never long before air conditioning is mentioned. Unfortunately, effective systems cost a lot to run – not to mention installation – and they’re definitely not a great option for the environment.

Insulation in summer

Insulating your home for summer might sound counterintuitive. Doesn’t insulation keep more heat inside? Not exactly. Insulation actually stops heat passing through, making it easier to regulate the temperature inside your home.

In winter, that stops the warm air from your radiators or fireplace escaping your home. In summer, it can stop the warm air outside getting in. That could be enough to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Or it might simply make it easier for your air conditioning to do its job. Either way, it’s a win for you and the environment.

How to insulate your home

If you want to stop heat getting into your home in summer, there are three key areas to consider:


Anyone who’s been up to their loft or roof space in summer knows just how much heat gets through a standard roof. It’s up to you to stop that heat spreading through your home. Loft insulation can keep it trapped in your loft. Alternatively, roof insulation can be applied to the underside of your roof’s surface, which stops heat at source and provides the added benefit of a cool roof space.


Did you know that 76% of sunlight that hits standard double-pane windows becomes heat inside your home? That’s why it’s important to take steps to stop it, including:

  • Closing blinds and curtains
  • Installing UV-resistant secondary glazing
  • Installing heat-resistant window-film


Walls are another part of your home’s thermal envelope that gets directly exposed to sunlight. If they’re not insulated, the walls themselves get heated up, which eventually transfers to the inside of your home. To stop that, you simply need to insulate either side of the walls.

Effective wall insulation

At CorkSol, we specialise in thermally efficient cork-based coatings for both the inside and outside of your walls. Our exterior wall coating is proven to be 7-8 times more insulating than traditional lime/sand renders, while our thin 8mm internal wall coating provides thermal efficiency without eating away at the space inside your home.

Remember, you’re not just insulating your home for summer. SprayCork will keep heat inside of your home through the colder months, so you never stop reaping the rewards. To find out more, simply contact our team on 01484 442420 or email [email protected].

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