Is Masonry Paint Waterproof?

By Jamie Orr
Date 27/01/2022
is masonry paint waterproof?

Some people might cover brickwork with masonry paint as a form of protection. Others will want to add a splash of colour and wonder whether it will stand up to the elements. Whatever the case, it’s important to know whether masonry paint is actually waterproof – as this post will discuss.

Waterproof vs water resistant

Is masonry paint waterproof? The answer is no, unfortunately. The word “waterproof” refers to things that provide complete protection from water. Even the best masonry waterproofing paint will only ever be water resistant.

Put simply, that means it can hold up against a certain amount of water, offering some resistance. However, over time, water will penetrate the paint and get through to your brickwork.

This is an issue if your brickwork needs protection – from wind-driven rain, for example. It’s also problematic if you’re using masonry paint for aesthetic reasons, as it can become cracked and discoloured.

If you want to improve the waterproofing qualities of masonry paint, some manufacturers suggest adding ‘waterproof’ sealants. Again, these are likely to be water-resistant rather than fully waterproof. At best, they might give you a bit more time before the protection wears down.

Best alternatives to masonry paint for waterproofing

Whether you want to add colour to your building or protect the walls from rain, there are a number of coloured wall coatings that can act as a waterproof alternative to masonry paint. To choose between them, it’s important to consider a few different factors:

  • Longevity – how long will they last, and do they come with any guarantees?
  • Flexibility – are they resistant to cracking from natural movement and heat changes?
  • Colours – if it’s colour you’re interested in, are the right shades on offer?
  • Added benefits – do they also provide thermal or noise insulation for your walls?
  • Salt – for coastal properties, it’s important that your wall coating won’t be corroded by salt from sea spray.

SprayCork ticks every box

Unfortunately, there are not many external renders that measure up to all of the criteria above – with the obvious exception of SprayCork. Our cork-based coating offers long-term protection from the elements, with a water-repellent layer that’s guaranteed for 25 years.

Benefitting from the natural properties of cork, the coating is flexible, so it won’t crack over time, thermally insulative to reduce heating bills by up to 15%, and noise reducing to stop as much as 12 dB passing through your walls.

With our Colour Range, you can choose from almost 30 colours to find the one that’s right for your walls. On top of all that, it has no reaction to salt, so, unlike other renders, it won’t stain or corrode on coastal properties.

Looking for waterproof masonry paint for your UK property? Go one better with CorkSol’s innovative external wall coating. Contact us today to arrange a free quote or find out more.

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