How to Stop Water Coming Through Brick Walls

By Jamie Orr
Date 22/11/2021
how to stop water coming through brick walls

Your roof isn’t the only thing that can leak. While the majority of rainfall is dealt with on top of your property, your walls also need to deal with a certain amount of water when the heavens open. If they aren’t water-resistant, you’ll eventually get rain coming through, which can lead to a variety of problems.

Read on as we discuss how to seal bricks from water to stop it coming through your walls.

How does water get through brick walls?

There are a few different issues to blame when water is coming through brick walls.

Cracked render

First up is cracked render. As it covers the brickwork, render is the first line of defence for exterior walls on many buildings. If it’s cracked, it will let water through, which could eventually seep through the brickwork.

Damaged mortar

That leads us to the next issue – mortar. Brickwork is pointed with mortar to fill the gaps or joins between bricks. As well as improving their appearance, pointing is a vital feature to stop water coming through brick walls. When the mortar wears down or cracks, it provides an opening for rainwater to get through.

Wind-driven rain

Finally, there’s wind-driven rain. As the name suggests, this is when rain is driven into your home by the wind – as opposed to simply falling down onto it. It’s most severe along the west coast of the UK, including West Scotland, the North-West and South-West of England, and the coast of Wales.

Because of its horizontal velocity, this rain can soak brickwork, which can lead to water ingress over time.

How to seal bricks from water

If you’re wondering how to stop water coming through brick walls, one approach is to tackle a specific problem area, such as damaged render or mortar. Repairing cracked render or repointing brickwork is sometimes enough to eliminate water ingress for good.

However, it could also be a recurring problem. If your pointing has worn down over time, what’s to stop it happening again? There may well be an underlying cause, like wind-driven rain. If this is the case, it’s best to opt for a water-resistant exterior wall coating such as SprayCork.

With a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, your brickwork will be completely sealed off from the elements. That means no more water getting through, regardless of how driven the rain may get.

Stop water coming through your brick walls

Ready to seal your bricks from water? Corksol is on hand to help with our innovative cork-based render and a network of approved applicators across the UK. As well as stopping water ingress through walls, our sprayed coating will improve thermal efficiency and even comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Contact us today to talk more about the water-resistant properties of SprayCork. Alternatively, we can put you straight in touch with a local approved applicator for a no obligation quote.

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