Exterior Wall Coating and Paint: 6 Key Differences

By Jamie Orr
Date 10/12/2020
exterior wall coating and paint 6 key differences

Covering the outside of your walls has benefits for both their appearance and function. However, that depends on how exactly you’re covering them. Two of the most popular options are paint and exterior wall coatings, like Corksol.

While they’re used for the same job, the two couldn’t be more different in what they offer. Read on as we look at six key differences between Corksol’s exterior wall coating and paint.

1. Covering

The first difference between paint and exterior wall coating comes in what they can cover. Even the most substantial outdoor paints are still relatively thin. This means they don’t fully hide whatever’s underneath.

If you’re trying to cover damaged walls or uneven brickwork, as an example, paint would simply colour over it. The damage would still show through the paint. In contrast, an exterior wall coating would be able to provide a smooth, uniform finish on top of the wall.

2. Application

Another key difference is how the two products are applied. Paint typically requires brushes and rollers, which can be a nightmare for uneven surfaces. Whether it’s pebbledash or even brickwork, it can be very difficult to ensure paint gets into every crevice of a wall’s surface.

On the other hand, our exterior wall coating can simply be sprayed on for full coverage. The coating also adheres much better to a variety of surfaces, meaning there’s much less preparation to achieve superior results.

3. Weather resistance

Next on the list is the protection they offer. Generally speaking, paint is all about aesthetics. There are some products like acrylic paint which are developed specifically for outdoor use, and they do offer some minimal protection against the weather.

However, exterior wall coatings are simply in another league when it comes to keeping out the rain. Corksol’s exterior wall coating is completely watertight to prevent water damage to your walls or eventual ingress through worn down pointing.

4. Longevity

Because it’s not as strong, durable and weather resistant, paint can’t match the longevity on offer from exterior wall coatings either. To keep it looking fresh, you’ll typically need to repaint your exterior walls every two or three years.

Exterior wall coatings come with a guarantee of 15 years. That means no need to maintain or repaint your walls, and no compromise on the appearance for years to come.

5. Additional benefits

Aside from a temporarily renovated appearance and minimal weather resistance, paint doesn’t offer anything else when it’s used on your walls. So what about our exterior wall coatings? Drawing on the natural properties of cork, they also add an insulative layer to the outside of your walls.

That reduces the amount of noise that passes through, providing a more peaceful environment inside the building. It also reduces heat loss through the walls, making it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature and potentially reducing your energy bills over time.

6. Eco-friendly

Let’s not forget about the environment. Most paint products are packed full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). When the paint is opened and used, these VOCs are released into the air, contributing to ozone or ‘smog’.

In stark contrast, our exterior wall coating is an all-natural product made using cork – which even regrows after being extracted from trees. It’s eco-friendly, sustainable and much less wasteful given how long it lasts on your home. Think how many paint tubs and tins would need to be produced and disposed of over the course of 15 years.

The choice is yours…

Ultimately, when choosing between paint and exterior wall coatings for your home or commercial property, the choice is yours. However, given all of the benefits of exterior wall coatings, we’d say that choice is pretty clear!

Contact Corksol today to find out more about our products, or find your nearest approved applicator to arrange a quote.

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