Cooling Insulation Material – How Does it Work?

By Jamie Orr
Date 20/07/2022
cooling insulation material – how does it work?

When you hear the word “insulation”, it’s only natural to think about keeping your house warmer in winter. But with cooling insulation material, you can actually keep the temperature down when needed too.

Sound a little too good to be true? Read on as we explain how cooling insulation works…

How insulation works

Most people think of insulation as something that solely traps heat inside. Insulative clothes are good for cold weather, for example, because they keep your body warmer. And you wouldn’t put a coat on to cool down, would you?

What insulation actually does, however, is make it harder for heat to pass through. In the case of insulative clothes, that means stopping heat passing from your body to the air around you. For insulative building materials, it would mean keeping heat inside during the winter – when it’s cold outside and you’ve got a fire lit or radiators on.

So, what about cooling insulation?

Because it stops heat passing through rather than just trapping it, insulation can also work to cool things down. It would never work with your body, because you’re constantly generating heat. But in a building, where the heating can be switched off when it’s warm, it can work wonders.

Where to use cooling insulation material?

Digging a little deeper, cooling insulation can work on both your walls and roof. That’s because they both heat up in the same way.

When exposed to the sun, the materials that make up your roof and walls will naturally get hotter. Once the heat has made its way from the outside to the inside, it will begin heating the internal air – like a radiator, but obviously not as powerful.

Insulation essentially stops that process in its tracks to create a cooling effect. It can be installed on:

  • External walls to stop the sun heating them up
  • Internal walls to stop the heat transferring inside a building
  • The floor of your roof space to trap heat inside your loft
  • The underside of your roof to stop heat getting through your roof altogether

Benefits of cooling insulation

The main benefit of cooling insulation material is that it stops heat getting in without the ongoing cost of air conditioning. It can also be used alongside air conditioning to relieve the strain on the system and improve efficiency.

But there’s also its versatility. Rather than tackling the heat directly, insulation makes your home more efficient. That means you’ll also be able to keep more heat in through the winter – yes, the same insulation can be beneficial for both cooling and heating.

Reap the rewards of insulation

If you want to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter without racking up bigger energy bills, insulation is the answer. Our innovative SprayCork coating can make that happen without the usual bulk and inconvenience you get from insulation panels.

Applied externally like render or internally like plaster, SprayCork provides 7-8 more times the insulation of traditional lime/sand renders. It’s also sound absorbing, water-resistant and highly sustainable.

Want to find out more? Give us a call on 01484 442420 or email [email protected].


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