4 External Wall Insulation Problems & How to Solve Them

By Jamie Orr
Date 19/04/2022
4 external wall insulation problems & how to solve them

If you want to keep the inside of a building warm without spending a fortune on heating, external wall insulation could be the answer. However, in its traditional form – insulation boards – it also comes with a number of problems.

In this post, we’ll discuss four potential external wall insulation problems and how to solve them.

1. Damp

External wall insulation problems don’t come bigger than damp. This occurs when impermeable insulation is added to a permeable wall. These are walls which have been designed to let some moisture pass through and escape a building.

Simply put, moisture will still be able to penetrate from the inside, but won’t be able to pass through the insulation. The result is moisture trapped in the walls, which leads to damp and mould growth. That can have knock-on effects for the structural integrity of your property as well as impacting your health.

2. Eaves and guttering

Insulation boards are generally around 50mm thick. That might not seem like a lot, and it’s probably not something you’d notice on a wall from the outside. However, you will spot the difference when it’s lined up with your roof’s eaves, gutters and downpipes on your walls.

For the uninitiated, eaves are the edges of your roof that hang over your walls. If you’re adding 50mm to your walls, you might also need to add a similar amount to your eaves, as well as adjusting the gutters and downpipes that are attached to them.

3. Fixtures

Even if your eaves don’t pose external wall insulation problems, your fixtures probably will. The reveal of windows and doors needs to line up with your exterior walls to provide a continuous barrier to the outside elements. It would also look slightly odd if windows were noticeably set back from your walls.

As above, 50mm is enough to knock your exterior walls out of line. That can create a cold bridge on your walls where heat can escape, unless you’re happy to pay more for fixtures to be adjusted.

4. Quality

Take a look online and you’ll see a vast array of external wall insulation products available. That’s paired with a long list of contractors claiming to be the best at fitting them. It’s up to you to decide which products are right for you and who’s up to the job.

In short, there’s a lot of room for error. The thermal efficiency of different products can vary from impressively warm to barely noticeable. Even if you strike it lucky on that front, you could end up with a disreputable contractor installing them. In most cases, you’ll only realise your error when it’s too late.

The solution to external wall insulation problems

Looking to avoid the problems above? CorkSol has the solution. Our SprayCork exterior wall coating provides 7-8 times the insulation of traditional render, without the bulk of insulation panels. It’s completely breathable, so you won’t encounter problems with damp, and we have a National Network of Approved Applicators who are fully trained to apply it.

Ready to get started? Contact us today on 01484 442420 or email [email protected] to arrange a quote from an approved applicator near you!

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