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By Jamie Orr
Date 24/10/2017

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Environmental Benefits of CorkSol SprayCork - CorkSol UK

- Natural Ingredients
- Long Lasting
- Lower Energy Usage
- Approved as a Green Hero by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs
- Reduced Sound Pollution
- Fire Resistant
- Multi Purpose Application

There are plenty of external renders and insulation solutions on the market at the minute.

Many of them have been for decades but none have the environmental benefits of CorkSol SprayCork. See the benefits of Sprayed Cork over other renders here

The main issue, however, with most of these products is that they often don’t provide sufficient long-term protection.

Invariably, they are also made using chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

The recent push for eco-friendly resources and building supplies has caused a shift in the market.  Homeowners, developers and architects are all moving away from traditional renders towards products that use more natural, sustainable ingredients.

CorkSol is the UK’s leading supplier of CorkSol SprayCork and provides a more effective insulation and coating option for buildings all over the country.

Here we take a look at some of the environmental benefits of using CorkSol SprayCork render. Plus how it can help to reduce the environmental impact of a building development while also creating more eco-friendly properties for the long term.

Natural Ingredients

A lot of the renders currently on the market are made using unsustainable or manufactured ingredients such as lime.

The process used to make them often involves harsh chemicals or inorganic binding agents.

The use of chemicals and synthetic materials in traditional renders means that any waste product cannot be disposed of naturally and will often cause damage to the environment.

CorkSol SprayCork is made using all natural ingredients which means that there are no synthetic chemicals or artificial binding solutions.

By incorporating natural materials, CorkSol SprayCork offers a much cleaner and more eco-friendly solution for developers and homeowners. This is especially important when they are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment.

Long Lasting

In many cases, traditional monocouche renders often have a relatively short lifespan when compared to cork spray renders.

This means that the rendered area often needs recovering or repairing regularly.

This increases the amount of product that needs to be made and therefore increases the building’s overall impact on the environment.

The long lifespan of CorkSol SprayCork means that buildings need less maintenance and won’t need recovering for a long time.

The great thing is that if and when it does need recovering, the natural ingredients in CorkSol SprayCork ensure there will be no negative impact on the environment.

Lower Energy Usage

There has been a huge rise recently in the number of people concerned about global warming and the effect we have on the atmosphere.

More people and companies around the world have been seeking eco-friendly solutions and environmentally friendly products that will reduce their average energy consumption.  CorkSol SprayCork offers a better aesthetic weather-proofing solution, it is also a great form of insulation.

Buildings or rooms coated in CorkSol SprayCork render will retain more heat for a longer period of time. This means that the amount of energy needed for boilers or heaters will be reduced, thereby helping to decrease fossil fuel usage.

An added benefit is a reduction in monthly energy costs.  This is applicable to both residential and commercial clients, which means you get to help save the planet and save some money at the same time.

Approved as a Green Hero by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs

As Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs noted in his review of CorkSol SprayCork.

“Cork is a fascinating material with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties. It’s antifungal and resists rotting; it ‘breathes’, transpiring moisture; it will compress to form a tight gasket (think wine bottles), and it’s sustainable. In fact, Europe’s cork production, in Portugal for example, needs our support. Now it’s been turned into an insulating, breathable, elastic, sustainable render for buildings. Something that’s been missing from both the conservation and the eco-building markets. Magical.”

Reduced Sound Pollution

As well as providing effective thermal insulation, CorkSol SprayCork also helps to insulate buildings and rooms acoustically.

The render provides a barrier which reduces the amount of sound that can escape or enter a room.

This can help manufacturers or venues that regularly produce a lot of noise to reduce the level of sound pollution that they omit.

This is good news for clubs, industrial firms or anyone concerned about the amount of sound being emitted, especially if they are located in or near a residential area.

CorkSol SprayCork can also help homeowners or property developers reduce the amount of noise pollution.

As a fantastic insulator, it is ideal when located close to an industrial estate or busy roads that get a lot of traffic.

Fire Resistant

CorkSol SprayCork is designed specifically to provide a fire retardant coating on buildings and walls.

The ingredients used in the render help to reduce the spread of flames and can stop the impact of a fire in the event of an accident.

This is an important safety feature that will give homeowners peace of mind and will reduce the risk of damage for developers and business owners.

In addition, the lowered risk of fire will reduce the chance that larger blazes will develop and spread.

Multi-Purpose Application

CorkSol SprayCork can be used on residential, commercial, metal clad and modular building systems.

It can be applied to a wide range of surfaces with class-leading adhesion rates, including

brick, block, insulation, plastic, glass, flexible surfaces

Check out this latest guide This free guide is called “CorkSol SprayCork: Nature’s Gift to Homes, Industrial Buildings and Commercial Properties”…

Share the environmental benefits of CorkSol SprayCork on your favourite Social Media Channels

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