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By Jamie Orr
Date 16/10/2017
benefits of sprayed cork

Benefits Of Sprayed Cork Over Other Renders 

The Benefits of Sprayed Cork
Energy efficiency
Environmental benefits
All natural
Save money
Acoustic performance
Fire resistance
Maintenance free
Versatile adhesive
Colour diversity

Over the last decade, more developers, contractors and homeowners around the UK and the rest of the world have begun to see the benefits of sprayed cork coatings rather than traditional types of insulation renders.

Although the revolutionary material is still relatively new to the market, it has quickly gained a lot of popularity.  

Especially in the development industry where CorkSol SprayCork has become the product of choice. Whether it is for sealing houses and insulating commercial buildings by those adopting a sustainable, eco-friendly mindset.

The Benefits of Sprayed Cork

Corksol is the UK’s leading distributor of CorkSol SprayCork.

This amazing new product has been used in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.

It’s also recommended by Kevin McCloud, host of TV’s Grand Designs - which is not surprising when you consider the environmental and economic benefits.

CorkSol was awarded the prestigious Green Heroes Award by Kevin McCloud as part of his Grand Designs live expo.

If you’re planning an upcoming development project or you’re hoping to renovate and upgrade your home, here are some of the benefits you’ll see when you opt to use Corksol.

Energy efficiency

The benefits of sprayed cork also extend to natural insulation properties that retains heat much more effectively than other renders.

Houses that have been coated in CorkSol SprayCork are around eight times more thermally efficient than buildings that use traditional lime or sand renders. This means that average amount of energy that a household or commercial property uses on a daily basis will be considerably less.

Environmental benefits

The fact that sprayed cork retains more heat inside the property means that less energy will be needed overall, resulting in fewer fossil fuels being burned.

This will considerably reduce your carbon footprint and minimises the impact you or your business has on the atmosphere.

Corksol offers an easy way to do your part for the environment without losing quality or using inefficient, expensive building materials.

Check out this blog on the Environmental Benefits of CorkSol SprayCork the coating that's approved as a Green hero by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs.

All natural

Unlike traditional renders, spray cork is made entirely of natural materials.

This means that there are no harmful chemicals involved in the production process and all the ingredients are sustainably sourced.

CorkSol SprayCork is an eco-friendly alternative for property owners looking for top quality products without compromising on their ethics or beliefs.

Save money

The increased thermal efficiency of sprayed cork means that the average energy consumption of your property will be reduced as less energy is needed to heat the building.

This will result in lower monthly bills for homeowners and reduced overheads for companies and other organisations.

CorkSol SprayCork is ideal if you’re planning to move home or looking for ways your business can reduce overall costs.

Simply summarised, CorkSol SprayCork insulation will help reduce your financial outgoings.

Acoustic performance

Not only is the benefits of sprayed cork a great thermal insulator, it also provides great audio insulation.

By providing an audio barrier, sprayed cork can reduce the amount of noise pollution.

This is good news for homeowners that live near busy roads or factories.

It is also good for commercial or industrial developers looking to reduce the noise output of their properties.

Fire resistance

There has been a lot of public attention towards fire safety regulation recently in the UK recently.

Sprayed cork is fire resistant which helps reduce the spread and impact of flames in the event of an accident.

CorkSol SprayCork has a Euro-class B safety rating.

Maintenance free

Unlike with many other renders, sprayed cork does not require any extensive maintenance.

The product has a naturally long lifespan and will not cost you excessive amounts of money to repair or maintain.  

Versatile adhesive

One of the best features of CorkSol SprayCork is its ability to adhere to any type of surface or material.

Whether you’re looking to spray over asbestos sheets, stone, ceramic tile, metal or wood, you can be sure that cork spray will cover it effectively while creating a permanent bond.

Colour diversity

There are 17 colour designs to choose from when choosing CorkSol SprayCork. 

This is a great benefit over traditional renders which have very limited design options and often have to be painted over.

Sprayed cork provides developers, architects and homeowners substantially more choice when it comes to the exterior aesthetics of their property.


The special natural recipe used to create CorkSol SprayCork includes non-soluble materials that provide effective protection from the elements.  This whilst still allowing the property to breathe and reduce condensation and damp.

Check out this handy Features and benefits guide - download it here.

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