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By Jamie Orr
Date 23/10/2017
how to generate more business with corksol

Want to generate more business? This blog shows you how.  Plus why not share the CorkSol Approved Applicator benefits on your favourite Social Media Channels

How CorkSol Can Help You Generate More Business - CorkSol UK

Create yourself a niche

The need to generate more business with competition in the rendering, plastering, decorating and building industries fierce is essential.

As a building industry professional or contractor, the pressure is on to develop new revenue streams, master new techniques and offer new products to overtake competitors and provide a superior service.

In order to stay competitive in such a demanding industry, it is critical to innovate and stay relevant by expanding your skills and increasing the number of services and products you provide.

Join the Approved Applicator scheme

Gaining a licence to buy and apply as an Approved Applicator of CorkSols eco-friendly CorkSol SprayCork coating can help you generate more business and improve your prospects plus increase your client base.  This by allowing you to offer a more efficient and effective rendering option than your competitors.

This will increase client satisfaction and will generate more positive feedback, thereby improving the overall image of your brand or company.

As an exclusive premium product, CorkSol SprayCork sprayed cork coatings will give you a competitive edge by allowing you to offer something that not many others can.

Download our guide exclusively for trader companies How To Treble Your Profits With This Eco-Friendly Render… Without Breaking the Bank (or Your Back)”

Here are some of the many ways in which applying CorkSol SprayCork can help you to generate more business.

Expand into new markets

As a contractor or building company, a wider portfolio puts you in contention for a bigger scope of projects for both residential and commercial customers.

This means that you must always be looking to diversify your service and expand your skills in order to stay competitive and put yourself in a position to win more business.

By partnering with CorkSol you gain access to a cutting-edge new product that will set you apart from competitors.

Instead of offering the same services as every other contractor, CorkSol can help you expand your portfolio of services and appeal to more potential clients keen to use environmentally-friendly products and services.

Attract Eco-friendly clients

The world is becoming increasingly wary of the effects of global warming and the need to decrease the impact we have on the environment.

More and more people are starting to seek out greener products and more sustainable services to do their part for the planet.

CorkSol is an environmentally friendly product that uses all natural ingredients to provide a long-lasting thermally insulated seal.

It’s one of Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud’s green heroes, recognised for filling both a conservation and eco-building need.

This means that as a contractor or developer you can appeal to a wider clientele by offering eco-conscious customers a unique service that will help them live more environmentally friendly lives and decrease their carbon footprint.

Check out the environmental benefits of COKWALL here

Endorsed as a Green hero by Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs

CorkSols CORWALL coatings are a superior eco-friendly render so good it’s recommended by Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs TV show as a Green Hero.  Here's what Kevin had to say about CorkSol SprayCork

“Cork is a fascinating material with excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.  It's antifungal and resists rotting; it ‘breathes’, transpiring moisture;
it will compress to form a tight gasket (think wine bottles); and it’s sustainable, in fact, Europe’s cork production, in Portugal for example, needs our support.   

Now it’s been turned into an insulating, breathable, elastic, sustainable render for buildings. Something that’s been missing from both the conservation and
the eco-building markets. Magical.” 
- Kevin McCloud - Grand Designs

Premium brand to match your standards

By partnering with Corksol you can add value to your established brand by offering a premium service whilst being able to generate more business.

You can rest assured that the processes and services offered by CorkSol will match your professional standards and help you increase your customer appeal even further.

By becoming an Approved Applicator for CorkSol, and being able to buy and apply CorkSol SprayCork, you’ll have access to our market-leading knowledge, be associated with a premium brand and be able to showcase your eco-friendly credentials.

Not only that, because sprayed cork is such an effective solution, it can actually help you to cement your own reputation as a superior service provider.

Better Results And Happier Clients

Become an Approved Applicator and you get listed and featured on the CorkSol UK website.   

It means people seeking an eco-friendly solution like CorkSol SprayCork find you more easily.   

They will love the fact you can give them a better result without having to pay more. You will love the increased customer satisfaction and profits you can secure on each job.

Share the CorkSol Approved Applicator benefits on your favourite Social Media Channels

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