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By Jamie Orr
Date 24/10/2017
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Benefits Of Becoming A CorkSol Approved Applicator 

- Increase Your Skills
- Focus on the future
- You become authorised to Apply CorkSol SprayCork
- Big return on small investment
- Opportunities for all trades businesses
- Class-Leading Training
- Add a green scheme to your business

Increase Your Skills

Millions of people start new jobs and enter new careers every year.

Whether you have just left school, or you have been working in a certain industry for years, it is always beneficial to increase your skills and your knowledge whenever possible.

The building and contracting industries are full of talented workers and experienced professionals. Many trying to push the boundaries and outdo their competition by offering innovative new services and creative solutions.

Focus on the future

If you’re hoping to start a lucrative new career, increase your service portfolio or boost your business prospects, there are many options to choose from.

However in the construction and trades industries, becoming a CorkSol Approved Applicator can offer a whole range of financial and professional benefits.

This innovative CorkSol SprayCork product has been used all over the world and is now being distributed exclusively in the UK by CorkSol.

It is an effective and environmentally friendly coating alternative to traditional renders and is much in demand as homeowners look at ways to make their homes greener, this means more customers for you.

You become authorised to Apply CorkSol SprayCork

“CorkSol SprayCork is a dream come true for plasterers and rendering companies…”

This innovative and eco-friendly render is great for your business, great for your clients and customers, and great for your profitability.    

It is super adhesive, highly durable, crack-resistant, a strong insulator and reassuringly fire resistant for properties.    

CorkSol SprayCork is machine sprayed (using equipment you can afford). It lets you do jobs in half the time it takes with hand rendering.  

Unlike your typical monocouche products, CorkSol SprayCork is less dependent on the weather. It can be applied in a wider range of temperatures and conditions. If it rains you can still work - doing commercial interiors.   

This means...

  • You can do a wider range of jobs.
  • Do more jobs each week and month.
  • Make far BIGGER earnings than if you stuck to hand render.  
  • It is absolutely possible to TREBLE your profits (there’s a calculator in the training to prove it).  

You can also do your bit for the planet.  CorkSol SprayCork is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

Made from cork, no trees are felled in the process. The stripping of the self-regenerating cork bark helps prevent the greenhouse gases which cause climate change.

Big return on small investment

Usually, learning a new skill or being trained to use new machinery is time-consuming and more often than not, expensive.

If you wanted to learn how to become an electrician, for example, you’ll need at least a three years training for the basics and then additional courses for more specialist services.

The same can be said for companies looking to increase the skills of its workers.

The process of becoming a CorkSol Approved Applicator is quick, simple and cost-effective. Find out more here

The training course can be completed in just two days, which means it won’t impact on your business operations.

This is especially good news if you’re self-employed and looking to expand your skillset to win new customers.

Likewise, for construction companies upskilling several staff members, a two-day course will not leave you short of hands for weeks at a time.

The cost of the applicator training course is just £1,250 plus VAT.

Book on to the next course here

The low cost makes it an affordable option for even the smallest of building industry professionals.

The investment in the course is also guaranteed to generate a healthy return over time thanks to the increased business potential.

Check out this more information guide titled: “How To Treble Your Profits With This Eco-Friendly Render… Without Breaking the Bank (or Your Back)”

Yes as an approved CorkSol Approved Applicator you can seriously treble your profits

Opportunities for all trades businesses

  • It unlocks the door to an easier way of working, a better business and bigger profits.  
  • Be part of an elite group able to buy and apply CorkSol SprayCork in the UK and leave the competition behind.  
  • For the ‘one man, lad and a van’ there’s an affordable way to switch from the aches and pains of hand rendering to the effortless ease of machine spray.  
  • For companies with a team you gain control of your options…   
  • Have the confidence to expand to take advantage of the new opportunities CORKWAL brings - and rake in the profits. Or use the reduced labour costs to make the same money with a smaller workforce - and pocket the extra profit.  
  • For the big players, there’s the chance to bring in many more jobs -  a way to keep your people loyal, keep them busy and cover all those overheads.

Class Leading Training

  • Learn about the natural wonders of cork and why it’s so eco-friendly
  • Discover ALL the possible applications for CorkSol SprayCork, for home, residential, agricultural and commercial projects (including interior work)
  • See how it can save you time, money and your health
  • Access the Product & Profit Calculator to see how CorkSol SprayCork can transform your business and sky-rocket your profits (when you see the head-to-head with monocouche renders you WILL be amazed!)
  • Learn how to prepare, mix and apply the coating - then give it a go
  • Visit a completed CorkSol SprayCork project - see for yourself the quality of finish
  • Watch demos of spraying techniques onto different materials - then have your own go (N.B. there’s extra spraying time if you want it on Day 2)
  • Get expert advice on sales, marketing and how to maximise the CorkSol SprayCork opportunity for your business
  • Share your expertise, ideas and questions. We want to learn from you, too
  • Take the Approved Applicator practical test - a pass means you join an elite group certified to buy and apply CorkSol SprayCork

Add a green scheme to your business

In the wake of the eco-revolution, more people are seeking to make the move from traditional building materials to more environmentally friendly options.

A similar trend can be seen in numerous major industries. In the very near future, developers and contractors will have to look for more sustainable materials and provide a more eco-friendly service as a matter of course.

CorkSol SprayCork's natural cork ingredients make it both incredibly effective and supremely environmentally friendly.

This revolutionary new product is a much greener option than most traditional renders which is why more people are deciding to use it.

Its thermal properties also make it an effective insulator.

This means that more heat is retained so buildings require less energy.

Becoming a CorkSol Approved Applicator will give you a head start in the race to be green and will ensure that your services will still be competitive and relevant for years to come.

Share the CorkSol Approved Applicator  benefits on your favourite Social Media Channels

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