CorkSol returns to Futurebuild with thinnest, most flexible layer of insulation for your home

By Chris Heaton
Date 07/02/2023
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We’re delighted to be returning to Futurebuild, sharing their mission to build a better future for the built environment.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting at Futurebuild 2023 and inspiring visitors about the benefits of cork as a building material. We’re excited to show how our SprayCork coating helps reduce heat loss by focusing on energy efficiency and using renewable and sustainable resources to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint.

We are dedicated to increasing building efficiency by providing natural, high performing and sustainable cork-based coatings for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

As an award-winning coating, SprayCork is a natural, sustainable, and innovative spray applied alternative to render and plasterboard for new build and retrofit projects, providing a wealth of features and benefits.

Cork is a zero-waste industry and harvesting the cork oak tree increases its ability to absorb carbon dioxide ensuring cork is an ideal material for the built environment.

We’re looking forward to exhibiting at Futurebuild 2023 and working with visitors who put innovation and sustainability at the core of their projects.

Futurebuild is the industry’s premier event, focused on building a better future for the built environment. They provide the stage for inspiring ideas, innovative solutions and knowledge sharing to drive sustainable construction and help us reach our goal of net zero.

The exhibition brings together the entire supply chain to showcase, debate and understand the advancements in sustainable construction and the emerging technologies that will make net zero possible.

The Top 3 reasons to attend are to…

  • See the latest innovations
  • See new products and launches
  • Keep up with industry trends


Take A Stand

Driving and improving sustainability in the built environment is a shared responsibility – but are we doing enough if we are going to decarbonise at the rate required?

As the largest contributor of carbon emissions (almost 50% of the UK’s emissions), the built environment has the ability to make the biggest impact in achieving net zero. It is a huge challenge and we have no time to waste. The future is in our hands, so we must act now and take a stand.

Futurebuild is taking a stand for a better built environment and is urging companies and professionals throughout the construction supply chain to make a similar commitment by ‘taking a stand’ on an issue they passionately believe will help propel the industry towards a more sustainable future.

We’re taking a stand for materials – to ensure the building materials used in the construction sector today, and tomorrow, are the most sustainable materials available, not only in how they are sourced but in their contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions throughout their life cycle. We’re proud to promote cork as a building material thanks to the ability of the cork oak tree to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its regeneration phase, which lasts for 9 years and can occur up to 9 times throughout its life. And because the tree regenerates after each harvest, it doesn’t need to be felled to obtain the cork.

So come and visit us on stand M64 between 7-9 March at Excel, London. You can register for your free tickets here.

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