SprayCork: The Solution for Eliminating Condensation in Any Van or Caravan

By Jamie Orr
Date 19/05/2021
corksol the solution for eliminating condensation in any van or caravan

For many people, there’s nothing better than packing up and hitting the road for a camping holiday. Almost 20 million nights are spent in UK touring caravans each year according to the most recent statistics, with an additional 16 million in statics.

Going from holidays to work, there are also millions of tradespeople across the country driving vans and using them to store their tools – from plasterers and plumbers to the classic ‘man and van’.

What do they have in common? Despite the myriad of benefits that come with camping holidays and work vans, almost all of them will have experienced condensation. The good news is, you don’t have to put up with it. Keep reading to see how SprayCork can help you eliminate condensation in your tourer, static caravan or work van.

Why is there condensation in my van?

Exposed metal is second only to your windows when it comes to areas at risk of condensation. That’s because cold temperatures are easily conducted from the outside in, which then allows the moisture from humid air to condense and settle on its surface.

Unfortunately, both vans and caravan have plenty of exposed metal, making them more susceptible to condensation. That issue is amplified by the typically poor ventilation in vans and caravans, which leads to moisture building up from cooking, washing or just breathing in a confined space.

The resulting condensation can lead to damp or mould, impacting the air quality inside your van or caravan. It can also add an eyesore to your holidays or impact the storage of your tools – depending on which type of van you’re using.

How to eliminate condensation

Clearly, it’s better to deal with condensation than let it build up and create bigger problems. The best way to achieve this is by lining and insulating your van to make it warmer. In doing so, you’ll eliminate the cold surface which attracts condensation – not to mention making your van that bit warmer.

SprayCork is an all-natural solution for lining and insulating the inside of vans and caravans. It provides a smooth, uniform finish with a choice of colours. It can also be used on the outside of static caravans to keep in the warmth.

But here’s the best bit. SprayCork possesses the natural acoustic values of cork, so it can also improve sound insulation in your caravan or van. That means it can even lessen the sound of rain on the roof, which is a godsend for anyone who has been in a caravan on a rainy night.



Photo credit: B & G Projects

Photo credit: AHL Contracts

Rid your van of condensation

Whether it’s a work van, caravan, campervan or static, SprayCork can improve the insulation on your van to minimise the amount of condensation forming on the inside. Because it’s an all-natural product, there’s no compromise to the air quality inside your van, and you’ll even benefit from sound-proofing qualities as a bonus.

Better yet, you don’t have to drive your van or caravan for miles to get the job done. Corksol has a network of approved applicators across the UK who are fully trained to apply SprayCork to the highest standards on a variety of jobs. Find your nearest applicator today or contact our team to find out more.

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