Overspray – The Ultimate Solution to Cracked Render

By Laura Midgley
Date 24/05/2023
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Is your current render cracked, stained or aged?

With constant exposure to the wind and rain, rendered walls will always become worn over time. This can lead to discolouration and cracks and creates a risk of further damage as water begins to seep through. This is why it is important to treat cracked render.

Usually, there are two main options – repaint the exterior of your property or re-render the walls entirely. CorkSol’s innovative SprayCork solution provides a third option in this scenario – an overspray.

Comparison between SprayCork, traditional render and masonary paint.

Why should you choose an overspray?

Let’s break down why an overspray would benefit your home more than a re-paint or a re-render would.


First, lets talk about re-painting. This is likely the first solution to be thought of – due to it being the cheapest option. Not only is the low price point a benefit, but it is also a quick and relatively easy process. It will cover any marks and cracks for the time being and improve the appearance of the property. Paint also comes in a huge range of colours, so you will not be short of choice and can colour your home exactly how you like.

So, what can go wrong? Re-painting your render does not last very long. Within a few years, you’ll need to add another lick of paint to your walls. On top of that, it doesn’t cure underlying issues like cracks, nor does it provide any additional benefits like heat and noise resistance.


To re-render your property, the old render must be stripped. This will remove all the cracks, ageing and stains and refresh the look of your home. Like paint, there is a wide range of colours available with render giving you the freedom to colour your house as you please.

Render has a much longer lifespan than paint and should last a few years before it begins to crack and stain.

The downside of a re-render is that it is the most expensive solution and requires the longest process. The current render must be stripped prior to a re-render, making it a lengthy and expensive solution. Many traditional renders also are not flexible, so cracking is likely to happen again, but not quite as fast as with paint.


Finally, the ultimate solution to cracked render, an overspray.

An overspray provides advantages over both re-painting and re-rendering.

If your current render is sound, SprayCork can be applied directly over the top, which is a much easier process than ripping it off. This also makes SprayCork cheaper than a full render.

SprayCork has a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • A stylish, modern and uniform finish and a range of different colours
  • Flexibility – resisting cracking when the building moves or settles. It does not crack, chip or peel, making it a low maintenance solution
  • Thermal insulation – providing an up to 30% heat loss reduction through solid stone walls
  • Acoustic insulation – providing a 38Db reduction in sound pressure levels
  • Weather and sea salt resistance – the product sheds water and demonstrates long lasting resistance to sea salts in the air
  • Sustainability

Many paint and render systems lack flexibility and water resistance, meaning that an overspray will last longer on your home and give it a long-term fresh appearance.

The Ultimate Solution

Here at CorkSol, we believe that SprayCork is the best solution for cracked, stained and aged render as it can be cheaper and longer lasting than the alternatives, whilst offering a wider range of benefits over both.

This makes SprayCork the ultimate solution when trying to improve the performance and appearance of your home.

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