How to Apply Acoustic Cork Panels

By Jamie Orr
Date 15/12/2022
how to apply acoustic cork panels

Cork is naturally sound resistant, absorbing sound waves with its buoyant, cellular structure. As such, it’s no surprise that many acoustic panels are made from this unique material. But how are they fitted?

In this post, we’ll run through the steps involved when applying acoustic cork panels to your walls – and explore whether there’s an easier, more effective solution…

1. Make your surface even

Firstly, smooth out the surface of your walls to make sure that the adhesive used will work thoroughly. Sanding down any rough spots and filling in cracks or small gaps is essential to prepare your interior walls for panel application. Clean your surfaces carefully, making sure there is no dust or debris left.

2. Ensure measurements are precise

Next, mark the area where you will be installing your acoustic cork panels. Using a straight-edge level will ensure that your shapes are precise, and you are hanging your panels correctly. Coarse-grained cork panels are a popular choice as their density allows them to provide great heat and sound insulation although care needs to be taken to ensure that they are cut down to the preferred size.

3. Install strengthening brackets

Use any leveling brackets by screwing them onto the mounting surface. This is to make sure that your acoustic cork will lie the right way on the wall when attached.

4. Apply adhesive and install panels

Measure two inches in from the edge and apply a line of adhesive around the entire panel. It is also a good idea to divide the panel into four sections by making an ‘X’ with the adhesive. Then apply a 2 to 4 -inch circle of adhesive in each section. This will strengthen the adhesive across the whole panel.

Attach the acoustic cork to the wall by placing it carefully into the required position and leave around 24 hours for the adhesive to cure.

5. Check the finish

When the adhesive has cured completely and your acoustic cork panels are installed, check they are straight, sturdy and give you the desired aesthetic.

Is there a better way?

Yes! If you want to cut out a few steps and lessen any complications that come from installing panels, then CorkSol’s SprayCork is for you. Here’s why it’s so much easier and more effective for your home insulation…

  • Creates a continuous coat, which is more effective for sound insulation
  • Fast application, giving quicker drying times
  • Added cork content makes SprayCork the ultimate thermal regulator
  • Doesn’t take any space away from the room
  • Natural and sustainable, great for the environment
  • Improved quality giving a fuller, better finish

A simpler, better-quality finish with SprayCork

If you want to get the most out of cork, look no further than CorkSol’s SprayCork.

The next generation of sustainable cork sprayed coatings, SprayCork is used to give you a smooth, high-quality finish with none of the hassle of cutting and applying panels.

For more information or to contact your local SprayCork applicator, get in touch with our expert team today.

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