How Long Does Cork Last?

By Jamie Orr
Date 24/10/2020
how long does cork last?

Cork is a powerful material with natural insulation, elasticity and water-resistant qualities making it useful in everything from construction and automotive to fashion and musical instruments. But can longevity be added to its long list of benefits?

Read on as we take a closer look…

Popping a cork

It’s fair to say that cork is probably best known as the material that keeps your wine fresh. While we all enjoy popping a cork or two, this application can also give you an idea of its lifespan. With some wines aged for upwards of 50 years after bottling, the materials they use need to stand the test of time.

Thankfully, cork is up to the job. This natural material has a lifespan upwards of 50 years. Along with cork’s natural elasticity and impermeability, this makes it the perfect fit for keeping your wine fresh.

Winemakers will confidently use a cork stopper in a wine bottle, safe in the knowledge that nothing will get in or out of that bottle until it’s popped open and poured out.

Long-lasting and durable

Cork’s long-lasting strength and durability makes it suitable for plenty of applications beyond wine. It’s long been used in baseballs and cricket balls, for example, which leave the bat at speeds exceeding 100mph.

It’s also the material of choice for some moped clutches, used as a friction lining which is subject to high heat. Cork has even been used as a heat shield by NASA on their Orion crew capsule and Space Launch System.

None of these applications would work if cork didn’t stand the test of time. The same is true when it’s used in your home. Whether it’s an internal wall coating or external render, cork lasts in excess of 50 years. That gives you over two decades of return on any investment when you use high-quality cork coatings.

More than longevity

While there are probably other materials that can match the longevity of cork, what really sets it apart are its unique natural qualities. As discussed, cork is water-resistant and highly durable, meaning it can protect your property from damage, water ingress and damp over those two decades.

It’s also naturally insulative, so it can help you keep heat inside your home and reduce your energy bills over the years. On top of all that, cork is naturally resistant to algal and fungal growth, so it will look cleaner for longer.

Guaranteed to impress

It’s all well and good saying cork can last for however many years. But at Corksol, we want to give you complete peace of mind that it actually will. That’s why we provide a guarantee of 15 years on our cork wall coatings and render.

With a National Network of Approved Applicators, you can also rest assured any contractor using our products is fully trained and qualified. To find your nearest approved applicator, simply complete our online form.

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