How Effective is Cork Insulation Roll?

By Jamie Orr
Date 21/10/2022
how effective is cork insulation roll?

Cork is an incredible material with countless natural properties, including both thermal and sound insulation. So, it stands to reason that any insulation product using cork will be pretty effective, right? Let’s find out.

In this post, we’ll discuss how cork insulation roll works and whether it backs up that theory.

What is cork insulation roll?

Along with boards and self-adhesive sprays, cork roll is one of the main types of cork insulation available on the market. It comprises a slim, uniform sheet of cork that’s typically less than 5mm thick. It’s thin and flexible enough to be rolled up, hence the name, but is then unrolled and applied as a flat covering.

To install cork roll, you need an adhesive, which is applied to the roll or the surface you’re fixing it onto. It can then be pressed into place, ensuring it’s smooth against your surface. To its credit, cork insulation roll is the most suitable cork product for DIY installation – with sprays only applied by trained contractors and boards requiring a layer of plaster on top of them.

It’s typically left uncovered, giving rooms an appealing and distinctive cork surface. However, it can also be plastered on top of. As well as walls, cork insulation roll can be used for flooring as underlay.

How effective is it?

Cork insulation roll undoubtedly has a number of benefits. Because it’s so thin, it’s ideal for smaller spaces where more substantial insulation will eat away at the room available. If you were insulating an outdoor garden room, for instance, having insulation boards on every wall could cut the usable space by a significant amount.

On top of that, there’s the ease of installation, which can be completed by practically anyone. Cork roll is also pretty inexpensive, meaning you can improve insulation without breaking the bank.

Whether or not cork insulation roll is effective depends on how you’re assessing it. Compared to more substantial products, it’s not great. You simply won’t get the same insulation from 5mm thick cork roll as you would from much thicker insulation boards. That’s not just down to size, but how effectively (or not) the roll coats the wall to create a thermal and sound-proof barrier.

On the other hand, you can compare it to similar products that are made from different materials. In this case, it’s pretty effective. Cork insulation roll will provide more thermal insulation than a conventional flooring underlay, for example. That’s down to cork’s natural thermal retention qualities.

Cork insulation that meets the grade

Overall, the level of insulation you get from cork insulation roll isn’t anything to write home about. If you’re short on space, low on funds and looking for a DIY solution, then by all means try it out. However, if you want cork insulation that makes a real difference to your property and your energy bills, SprayCork is the answer.

When used as internal wall insulation, it’s proven to reduce heat loss by 30%. That’s achieved with a coating that’s just 8mm thick, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your space. Even better, we have a network of approved applicators who are ready and waiting across the UK with the right training for the job. To find out more or arrange a quote, contact us today on 01484 442 420.

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