How Do I Find the Best Renderers Near Me?

By Jamie Orr
Date 19/08/2021
how do i find the best renderers near me?

There are countless people across the UK looking for “renderers near me”. With good reason too. Local rendering contractors can provide a friendly, reliable, prompt and cost-effective service. So how do you go about finding them? In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of finding the best renderers near you, some key factors to look out for, and how to make your search a whole lot easier.

Why choose renderers near me?

Whether you’re covering over brickwork or re-rendering your house, it’s always best to seek the advice and services of a professional renderer. Not least because rendering takes years of practice to master – so it’s by no means a DIY job.

Ideally, you want someone local. Here’s why…

Local knowledge

Firstly, they’ll be familiar with local properties. This means they know about the different building materials used and challenges that come with insulation and breathability. That could also include knowledge of local weather issues like wind-driven rain or salt spray in coastal areas.

Prompt response

Another plus point is their nearby location. If they’re based near you, renderers can get out to you more quickly, meaning there’s more chance of fitting you in if their schedule is packed. Even something as simple as a survey and quote could take them upwards of 2 hours if there’s a 50-mile commute. You won’t have to worry about that if they’re just down the road.

Nearby afterwards

This is also beneficial when it comes to aftercare or future work. Your chosen renderer will be just a stone’s throw away whenever you need them for support or additional rendering. It could even reduce the cost of the job overall. Rendering contractors based further afield will typically factor fuel costs and travel time into their quote.

Lower costs

That brings us onto another benefit of renderers near you – they could cost less than more established brands. If you choose a big company that covers lots of different areas, you’ll be paying a premium for the same service. You might even lose out on control and quality if they subcontract without your knowledge.

Supporting the local economy and the environment

Needless to say, choosing a renderer near you also means you’re supporting a local tradesperson – and in turn, your local economy. There’s even a small benefit for the environment, with less miles being driven to and from jobs!

Finding the best renderers near you

It’s clear that local renderers are the way to go. So, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when comparing contractors near you? When it comes to finding the best renderers, there are five main factors you’ll want to keep in mind…


Qualifications provide a solid foundation for all professional renderers. An NVQ in External Render or City & Guilds rendering course will fit the bill, although many plastering courses also include units on external render. You can check for these on a contractor’s website or ask about them when they give you a quote.


As well as having the right training and qualifications, it’s important that renderers have put their skills into practice. Ideally, you want someone with a few years of experience as a minimum. As well as proving they have spent considerable time mastering the art of rendering, it’s usually a good reflection on their customer service and end results if they’ve been able to stick around for several years.

Best products

A renderer’s choice of products will undoubtedly impact the final results on your walls. There are various types of render, including silicone, acrylic and even cork, all of which have their own benefits. Ask whether renderers use a specific type or look for certification from a particular brand.


Accreditations provide a much-needed trust factor when you’re comparing renderers near you. Whether it’s general tradesperson schemes like TrustMark and SafeContractor, or more specific certifications for plasterers and renderers, accreditations show that they have been vetted and approved by an independent body.

Supplier approval

Another option is to look for supplier approval. This means that the contractor has been trained or vetted thoroughly by a manufacturer and approved to use their products. Bear in mind that suppliers will only want their products being used by the best renderers to maintain their high standards and protect their reputation.

3 ways to search for local renderers

Use Google’s local business search

Google has upped its game for local business searches in recent years. Simply entering “renderers near me” will bring up a list of options based on the location Google has saved for you.

A handy map will show where they’re based, with information below about their reviews and contact details. However, you will need to scroll past the paid adverts to see it. It’s then up to you to use the criteria above to narrow your search.

Try online directories like Yell

Remember the Yellow Pages? It’s a website now. allows you to search online for local services using your town or postcode. There are a few similar sites available, all of which typically provide reviews, contact details and information about the services on offer.

Again, you’ll need to do your own research about qualifications, experience, products and accreditations.

Make life easier with CorkSol’s Network of Approved Applicators

Finding the best renderers regardless of location can seem like an overwhelming task. That’s amplified when you have to filter your search to a specific location. Thankfully, CorkSol is here to make things easier.

With our National Network of Approved Applicators, you can find a renderer near you who is fully skilled and experienced in using our products. We take the time to train all applicators to ensure they can use CorkSol products to the highest standards, so you can simply choose the renderer that’s nearest to you.

Ready to get started? Fill in our online form today, including your contact details and information about the type of job at hand, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our local Approved Applicators.

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