Guest Blog: The Benefits Of Being A CorkSol Approved Applicator

By Chris Heaton
Date 08/08/2022
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CorkSol has earned a reputation for high standards, and they guarantee this by only allowing approved applicators to use their products. In return, contractors who join the approved applicator scheme, receive training and support to grow their business.

In this blog, Lee Fiori from Total Trades looks at what's involved, how to become an approved applicator and the benefits they have found from doing so.

What is CorkSol SprayCork used for?

SprayCork from CorkSol UK is an innovative and eco-friendly cork spray that can be used to coat interior walls, exterior walls, and pitched roofs.

It's made from concentrated particles of cork stripped from the bark of the cork oak tree which grows back over time. Unlike traditional renders that use quarried materials, cork is a truly sustainable product. If you’re a company who has been using traditional render methods, then SprayCork is going to revolutionise your business! It certainly has for ours.

SprayCork bonds with most materials, so you don't need to remove any existing render first, you can simply spray over it – you know how much time, effort and hassle that saves! You can use it on steel-clad buildings, modular constructions, and domestic properties.

Its superior finish and wide choice of colours have made it popular with homeowners who want to give their property an exterior makeover or repair cracked render. We know the ongoing trend for greys in and on properties. SprayCork in grey will make any building look contemporary.

Cork is naturally flexible and durable, so it's guaranteed not to chip or crack. And if it does suffer any accidental damage, it can be patched up without the need to re-coat the entire wall.

It's also breathable, waterproof, and a natural insulator, so it stops heat escaping and resists condensation and damp. You can use it to treat mould-ridden walls inside, and as an alternative to traditional insulation.

With all these benefits, why would your customers not prefer it to traditional render? We’ve found it so easy to promote, we’ve not had anyone say they would prefer traditional render.

How approved applicators can benefit from SprayCork

SprayCork's easy application saves you time, so you can maximise your profits without compromising on the final finish. It’s made a huge difference to our business.

It's machine-sprayed, which means its less backbreaking and faster to apply than traditional renders. You can also expect it to dry quickly, cutting down on the amount of time you're waiting to finish a job.

Completing projects faster gives you the opportunity to fit more jobs in and increase your turnover – and because it's less labour-intensive, you can reduce your costs.

Unlike some renders, you don't need good weather to apply SprayCork, but if it's particularly wet then you have the option to prioritise your interior jobs, so you aren't losing out on revenue.

SprayCork makes less mess than traditional renders and plaster, so you'll spend less time cleaning up, and your customers will face less disruption. In fact, when it comes to rendering exterior walls, the household can continue as normal.

CorkSol approved applicator scheme

CorkSol UK is the exclusive distributor of SprayCork in the United Kingdom. To use SprayCork, you must become an approved applicator by undergoing training and certification.

The one-day training course takes place at CorkSol's premises in West Yorkshire. It combines theory with practical hands-on training in a purpose-built test spraying area.

What you learn at a glance

  • The natural properties of cork and why it's eco-friendly
  • The different applications of SprayCork (indoors and outdoors)
  • How to prepare, mix, and apply the coating – theory and practical
  • How it can save you time and money
  • How to grow your business with SprayCork

Lunch and refreshments are provided on the day, and you can add on additional attendees at a discounted rate.

At the end of the course, there is a practical test that you'll be expected to pass if you want you to buy and apply SprayCork.

After you've qualified as an approved applicator, you can expect to get sales leads through the CorkSol website and access to other opportunities to promote your business. You will also receive a pack that includes marketing collateral, colour guides, and data sheets.

SprayCork relaunched for 2022

CorkSol launched their updated version of SprayCork, in January (2022). This new version contains 40% more cork, so you can expect it to be even more effective than its predecessor.

The features of next generation CorkSol

  • Longer warranty (25 year-product warranty)
  • Faster application and drying times
  • Improved thermal performance to stop heat escaping
  • Fuller, better quality finish

Behind the scenes, CorkSol has also improved the range of colours available. The new colours are designed to suit the UK market with more shades of grey and neutrals on offer.

There are 28 fade-resistant shades, and if you are an approved applicator, you will receive an updated colour chart with samples attached.

"The natural benefits of using cork make this innovative product easy to use and technically brilliant. Our customers are over the moon with the result, and we all know that reputation is everything in an increasingly competitive market.

"Eco-friendly products like this rarely come along in the building industry, and we're proud to be part of the elite group qualified to use it. Our customers benefit and so do we, because with faster application we can achieve more."

Lee Fiori, Managing Director of Total Trades

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