5 Construction Trends in 2023

By Chris Heaton
Date 18/02/2023
5 construction trends in 2023

2023 will be a challenge for many industries, the construction world included. Inflation, labour shortages and supply chain problems are still significantly testing for companies, with the need to embrace new, creative ways of working.

This can inevitably be daunting, but there are also plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Let’s look at 5 trends that 2023 will bring for the construction industry.

1. Eco-insulation

The construction industry is becoming increasingly pressured to use sustainable materials in insulation. This has led to the creation and development of new building materials that meet these standards. As the world moves toward more green solutions, eco-friendly insulation is becoming a massive trend, that will only become more essential.

New ways to insulate include:

2. Essential damp-proofing

The most common areas of the home affected by damp and mould tend to be windows, ceilings and walls. This can be a huge issue as they are likely to eventually cause respiratory problems, if not dealt with.

Reasons why damp can develop include:

  • Double-glazing and draught-proofing can affect ventilation.
  • Keeping windows closed and heating off, to save costs.
  • Increased moisture due to more people working from home.

So damp-proofing homes is a definite trend for 2023, as the energy crisis shows no signs of improving and everyone from homeowners to housing associations will want to protect their properties and save future costs.

3. Embracing digital technology

Investment in technology is a trend that will only keep growing over the next decade. The use of robotics, machine learning and AI will improve productivity and increase efficiency as they are able to automate tasks to save time and labour costs.

Tracking the progress of a project, improving communication and creating a safer working environment are some of the many benefits digital tech will bring. Examples of digital tech include-

  • Design software.
  • Construction drones to survey land and gather site data quickly. Also used for safety risk assessments.
  • Robotics used for more accurate and faster welding, drilling and demolition.

4. Modular home building

Structures built off-site and transported to the chosen destination are a trend that is coming back into construction fashion. Originating in the late 1800s, London carpenter Henry Manning created a prefabricated building that could be shipped across the world, known as the Manning cottage.

And as the construction industry can be a cyclical one, it is perhaps no great surprise that prefabricated homes have become popular in the UK again. Their unique construction method offers control and freedom of design, as well as fewer concerns about the environmental impact of the build. You just need a plot of land big enough for the finished product!

5. Sustainability

It is a very positive thing that possibly the most popular construction trend going into 2023, is sustainability. Using eco-friendly building materials is big business and will only continue to increase. Much more cost-effective than traditional building methods, options include:

  • Insulation from recycled, plastic bottles or wool
  • Solar panels
  • Using bamboo instead of traditional timber
  • Innovative solutions to stop heat from escaping, such as sprayed cork

Embrace construction trends with SprayCork

Is it time you paid attention to innovations in the construction world? If so, why not start with sustainable, high-performance cork insulation. An energy-efficient, cost-effective method to reduce heat loss – by up to 30% – CorkSol’s SprayCork is also incredibly eco-friendly.

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