10 Reasons Why CorkSol SprayCork is Good for the Planet

By Jamie Orr
Date 09/12/2021
10 reasons why corksol spraycork is good for the planet

At CorkSol, we’re far from discreet about the eco-friendly credentials of our SprayCork coating. In a world where environmental awareness is on the up, we’re proud to say that our flagship product is great for the planet.

But not everyone is aware of what exactly makes it environmentally sound – which is why we’ve put together ten reasons SprayCork is a plus for the planet.

1. Tree-friendly

Deforestation is a huge problem for the planet, with the area of primary forest worldwide decreasing by over 80 million hectares since 1990. Thankfully, SprayCork plays no role in this. No tree felling is involved during the harvest of the cork-rich bark, which is stripped from trees without damaging them.

2. Carbon-negative

After bark is stripped, it is left to regrow over the next decade. The regeneration process actually absorbs more carbon than the tree would in its normal state, making SprayCork a carbon-negative product.

3. Habitat protection

Deforestation is also problematic because it damages the habitat of several creatures. Hares, weasels, wolves, boars, deer and even lynxes call cork oak forests their home, along with countless insects and birds. With no trees felled, these animals can live their lives unimpeded, which is particularly important for endangered species like the Iberian lynx.

4. Sustainable

When you fell trees to manufacture products, it takes far too long to regrow them quick enough to keep up with demand. That cycle soon becomes unsustainable. Because the tree bark grows back on cork oak in around 9 years, it’s a truly sustainable product.

5. Zero waste

With some materials, the best bit is extracted, leaving the rest for landfill. In stark contrast, cork is a zero-waste product, with all of the bark used in various industries.

6. Natural

Did we mention that cork is natural? This usually goes without saying, but it’s important to note that it’s regenerative rather than finite and doesn’t require any mining.

7. Insulative

SprayCork’s environmental credentials don’t just come from how it’s sourced. Once the coating is in place, it adds strong thermal insulation to interior or exterior walls. In turn, that reduces the need for heating to maintain a comfortable temperature, which translates to lower energy use and less emissions.

8. Durable

When SprayCork is applied to a building, it sticks around. The coating comes with a 25-year guarantee, putting an end to the cycle of continuous maintenance and repairs – saving energy and reducing waste.

9. Hypoallergenic

SprayCork doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals, making it completely hypoallergenic. That also means no chemicals being released into the environment, as is the case with VOCs in most paint products.

10. Mould-resistant

Because it’s both insulative and breathable, SprayCork helps prevent condensation and black spot mould. This is another way in which it stops harmful toxins being released into your living or working space – and the environment.

Protect the planet with SprayCork

From the sustainable stripping of bark to the eco-friendly benefits for buildings, SprayCork really is an environmental wonder.

If you’re ready to upgrade your property while protecting the planet, don’t hesitate to contact the CorkSol team today. We can answer any questions you may have and arrange a quote from your local approved applicator.

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