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- Internal wall SprayCork plus plastering services with Multi-finish or lime plaster finishes - Exterior wall over spray plus all rendering services required - Shipping containers - Asbestos encapsulation - Conservatory roofs - Fire and sound proofing with SprayCork

About the Applicator

At Start A Fresh Ltd, we take great pride in offering a dependable and trustworthy service that you can rely on. Our team is fully committed to delivering nothing but excellence and we prioritize providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

We have extensive experience in the plastering industry and also specialize in sprayed cork services. We love working with cork as a material to transform spaces into not only visually stunning areas but also spaces that promote cozier and healthier environments. We firmly believe that cork is more than just a material that can make your spaces aesthetically pleasing but is a product that creates well-being and good health. With our expertise, we will assist you in achieving the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Areas Covered

Central belt of Scotland
29 McGregor Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1JF, UK

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