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CorkSpray cover conservatories, and orangeries inside and out. We specialise in Asbestos Encapsulation (inside and out) CorkSpray will cover the entire reclamation of RoCL through HMRC, recovering project CAPX to the client. CorkSpray engage domestic properties, thin wall, cavity brick, block, concrete and heritage stone markets. Our services cover all substrate repairs, render removal, dash repairs and full rendering techniques in Silicone, KRend, Float and Sponge Commercial retrofits in either IWI and EWI, working at height. We are full capacity in all internal plastering and external render finishes.

About the Applicator

Corkspray started in 2019 and has grown into a full facilitation company specialising in Thermal Insulation, Damp and Condensation control including Black Spot removal.
SprayCork is the perfect replacement for traditional insulation methods.
External wall insulation and sound insulation, weatherproofing, breathable, salt resistant, and all in one application.

We pride ourselves in the transformation we bring to your property, whether its just cosmetic, fighting damp or reducing your energy costs with a membrane free from Thermal Bridging issues found in many conventional insulation board techniques.

Cork is a Natural commodity, fully sustainable and natures gift to us…
Its many applications in offices, houses, caravans, containers, roofs, and HVAC continue to amaze us with this fast, flexible product which repels heat and cold to give us an innovative membrane coating to please all.

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160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

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  • Cork Spray "Love my new roof"

    I went ahead with the work after reading positive reviews as I have a large conservatory and not so large budget, plus the work is done from the outside which meant I didn’t have to empty it to allow access. The application needs 2 dry days so there was a bit of a wait with the weather but that’s not in anyone’s control and I was happy with that. The crew arrived on time, were professional and stayed longer to get the work completed. I am delighted with the results just from the outside making the roof look like new over the polycarbonate, however inside I could tell the difference almost immediately. My garden is south facing so the conservatory is in the sun for most of the day and instead of being knocked back by a wall of heat it was pleasant and airy. Can’t wait to get it properly cleared out so I can now use as a garden room/spare bedroom. Thanks so much to Ken and the lads.

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