Rendering Specialists in Leeds

Free property assessment for the ultimate render alternative

Rendering Specialists in Leeds

Free property assessment for the ultimate render alternative.

Property in Leeds with SprayCork - A sustainable alternative to render
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Rendering your property can transform your home, improving its appearance by giving it a complete face lift.

Not only does render improve the aesthetics of your house, it can also enhance its performance. But there are a number of external rendering and wall coating products to choose from, all with varying amounts of benefits. So which one should you choose?

SprayCork wall coatings are the innovative alternative to traditional render systems. Not only are there a range of benefits, but our sprayed cork coating is one of the most sustainable building materials available. It will refresh the appearance of your property and provide an extra layer of insulation and protection.

Our renderers have many years experience of applying CorkSol sprayed coatings throughout Leeds. We provide a professional, free site survey and no obligation quote across all LS postcodes – all with a 25 year product warranty!

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Customer Reviews

Hear from recent rendering customers in Leeds


” The paint was flaking, and render was cracking. It needed a freshen up. I’m looking forward to feeling the thermal benefit, especially now that gas prices are rising. I’m very happy with how my house now looks.”

– Jayne, Leeds Homeowner


“Our home was spray coated by CorkSol to cover the existing render in 2018. It has really stood the test of time – it’s still looking great. We still get people commenting on how good it looks today”

– Homeowner in Leeds

A Superior Alternative to Traditional Render

SprayCork is a natural and sustainable material, which is great for you and the planet;

  • The cork is stripped from the Cork Oak tree by highly trained workers meaning no trees are felled during its harvest
  • It regenerates its bark after every harvest – the only tree to do so
  • During the regeneration process, it absorbs much more carbon dioxide than it normally does
  • It protects against habitat loss brought about by deforestation
  • There is no waste from the cork industry – with all of the cork used to make wine stoppers, SprayCork or being used as biomass

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