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CPD Courses

Learn about the benefits of cork and how to specify it
CorkSol have been supplying sprayed cork solutions that bring a host of benefits to the UK build sector for a number of years. Our next generation SprayCork coating is one of the most sustainable building materials available, making it the ideal choice for commercial projects.

We are committed to offering training to help those specifying and applying our product to understand the benefits of the solution we offer whilst supporting and advising on the specification of SprayCork to meet project needs.

We have developed our online CPD courses to introduce SprayCork and the benefits of cork to those working in construction, including architects, developers, contractors, engineers, and specifiers.

Both courses are delivered online for free, lasting for approximately one hour (allowing time for Q&As). Completion of the courses also contributes to your CPD hours.
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During the CPD session you will:
  • Discover why cork is such a brilliant, eco-friendly material to work with
  • See how you can incorporate it into the specs at the planning stage for a range of projects: large or small; domestic, social, commercial or industrial
  • Examine real world case study examples
  • Update your knowledge so you can better guide your clients
  • Share your expertise, experiences, and ideas on the day
  • Ask ALL the questions you want – and get the answers you need

Our Accredited CPD Courses

An Introduction to Cork as a Sustainable Coating Solution

This CPD course aims to teach you about the sustainable credentials of SprayCork, a natural cork coating designed to offer a sustainable external top-coat and internal insulating solution for new and existing residential projects as well as commercial and industrial builds.

The Problems with Black Spot Mould

Black spot mould is a huge problem for much of today’s housing stock, leading to potential structural issues. More crucially, poor living conditions have proven links to health issues. This course looks at the causes and associated risks of black spot mould, along with some of the methods of treatment and the pitfalls of these.

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