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James Erskine

As our Specification Sales Manager, James is the first point of contact for all specification and commercial projects. Since joining CorkSol early in 2023, James has worked with a number of businesses, architects, and social housing providers to understand their projects and the pain points within them. Armed with this information, James is then able to provide solutions to remedy these problems, often around issues such as air tightness, inefficient thermal performance, and black spot mould.
Once the specification has been signed off, James will then work with members of our Independent Applicator Network to coordinate the delivery of the project.
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Jamie Orr

Jamie is our Technical Manager. He will be involved in projects from an early stage to advise on installation, visiting site to provide expert guidance on application where required. Having joined the business at the start, and becoming one of the owners, Jamie has a wealth of experience in spraying the product across commercial and domestic projects, and provides day-to-day support to our network of applicators, as well as developing and running our training courses.
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Joff Ward

Having founded CorkSol in 2014, Joff is still heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the business. With our commercial projects, he manages all the legal, health and safety, and financial elements.
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