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What sustainability means for CorkSol
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The effects of climate change are glaringly obvious. That’s why we’re committed to doing what we do better to create a better planet.

CorkSol understands the role played by the construction industry in the climate crisis - 39% of global carbon emissions come from buildings and construction, of which, 28% is from energy consumption. We believe that by using products from a sustainable source, that continue to have a positive impact on energy consumption, we can create a sustainable future for our planet and improve the comfort of our communities.
We believe that, as a company and as a society, we must make better and more sustainable choices to protect our planet, by protecting forests, by protecting oceans, and by protecting animals and wildlife.

How sustainable is cork?

Cork is taken from one of the most sustainable natural resources with cork forests being some of the most environmentally positive places on earth, absorbing more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 annually. They also have the third highest biodiversity, proving a natural habitat to 13,000 species, including the endangered Iberian Eagle and Iberian Lynx.
The cork oak tree lives for about 300 years and can be harvested every 9 years without the need to fell any trees. Instead, the bark is stripped away by hand, a tradition that started over 1000 years ago. Not only does this offer greater protection to the tree, but it only reduces the need to use energy absorbing power tools and machinery. Following each harvest, the bark regenerates - this benefits the trees as it absorbs a greater amount of CO2 during this process.
All of the harvested material is used, with the most widely known use as wine stoppers. The excess waste from the raw material is ground down used to make cork particles, the key component in SprayCork. All remaining dust and waste is used in Biomass which provides 60% of the energy used to run the plants.
This makes cork a zero-waste industry.
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SprayCork uses its natural properties to provide better energy performance. And by not allowing heat transfer through walls, properties are better insulated and become less reliant on heating systems. In addition, thanks to its lifespan and ability to overspray existing façades, there is less requirement to carry out work which results in additional waste.
When used as an internal solution it also reduces the need to use plasterboard, which can often end with multiples of offcuts being sent to landfill.
As a testament to the sustainability of SprayCork, it was selected as one of Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes for the October 2015 Grand Designs Live show and was recommended on his Grand Designs TV program and has recently been selected as a Green Hero of the Decade.
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SprayCork is supplied in tubs with the resin and, where applicable, the coloured pigment. These are then mixed on site to ensure the highest quality sprayable material. It is important that the resin doesn't mix with the cork prior to mixing, therefore it is important for the product to be packaged in a solid and robust container.
The best solution for this is a 12kg plastic tub, which we have sourced through our manufacturing partner. The tub is made from 100% recycled materials, which is in line with our sustainability and environmental focus.

Once these have been used on site, all additional waste – such as protective wraps and PPE – can be enclosed within the container sent to our recycling partners who will use all the waste plastics in their recycled (and recyclable) products, such as partition boards for construction.
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