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SUBPAD Combines Subterranean Living Space With A Single Storey Above Ground Structure to Create A Luxury Eco Friendly Home On Land You Already Own!
We Are Experts in Creating Enhanced Value on Land You Already Own… For Whatever You Want or Need to Use It For
We build with “subterranean living space”…. this is more acceptable to Planners. Our subterranean living spaces are bright and airy ……. it does not feel like you are underground!
Come see our Show Pad in Parkgate on the Wirral Peninsular.
A Sustainable State-Of-The-Art Luxury Eco-Home
We build with “modern methods of construction”. Our buildings meet the standards required to be called an “eco-home”. We keep abreast of the continual advances in technology to ensure that your SUBPAD can legitimately be called “state-of-the-art”.

We are proud to be CorkSol Approved Applicators.

SprayCork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. Breathable, flexible, weather resistant, insulating render - SprayCork gives properties a low-maintenance and durable finish. Not only is it weatherproof but it also improves thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.

It's available in 28 colours and comes with a 25 year warranty

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