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Proud Approved Applicators of SprayCork from Corksol - SprayCork is a sustainable natural cork protective coating which is available in 28 colours. It has a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee. It is flexible to prevent cracking. It's an exceptional thermal and acoustic insulator. It has a Euro Class B fire safety rating.

40 years of experience and counting in the building industry and over 200 completed projects, we have helped shape Surrey and its neighbouring counties into the beautiful places they are today.

We specialise in high quality finishes and will be able to give you the options you need to match your expectations to your budget. We take as much pride in our relationships with our customers as we do our work. We are specialists in the bold and unconventional.

We will do all associated designs for your build. So if you don't have an architects - don't worry. Even better, the designs are free if you choose us to do the work.

We pride ourselves in overcoming construction challenges and making our clients' dreams practical.

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