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25 year product warranty.
We have that much confidence in SprayCork that we’re prepared to offer a 25-year product warranty on the material.
This means that the SprayCork material from CorkSol UK is guaranteed for 25 years from the date of application against manufacturing defects, and against failure of adhesion, peeling and blistering when applied to external or internal walls above damp-proof course level, and to pitched roofs in any UK location, subject to the conditions outlined in the SprayCork Warranty Certificate.
To apply for the product warranty, please complete the form below. Once we have the information, we will issue the warranty back to you via email for you to send onto your customer on completion of the project and full payment being received.
When applied to asbestos, the product warranty is 15-years – please contact us should you require a product warranty for asbestos.

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