Drighlington Cricket Club, Drighlington

External Repair
Drighlington Cricket Club
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Drighlington Cricket Club are a local club providing junior and senior cricket to its local area. Their clubhouse and pavilion had ugly pebbledash that was failing and falling off, along with sections of brickwork. The club board wanted a solution to repair the failing sections of pebbledash, whilst creating a uniform finish to the building as a whole.

CorkSol were the solution of choice chosen by the club members board thanks to its ability to overspray the existing wall material, where possible. This helped to reduce the cost of installation, whilst giving the property a fresh, modern look combined with increased thermal performance, and the added protection against the potential impact of cricket balls. In areas where the pebbledash had failed, and on the block work, a base coat was applied applied before being sprayed in SprayCork.

James Erskine, Specification Sales Manager for CorkSol, said, “This was a great project to work on because of the mismatch of the existing finish. SprayCork was specifed for this project because it combines the performance, aethestics, and ease of application that the members board were looking for. Seeing the project completed, it is evident that CorkSol have delivered on all of these.”

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