How to Stop Damp Coming Through Your Walls

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How to Stop Damp Coming Through Your Walls

Damp is a problem almost everyone has encountered at some point. But that doesn’t mean you should put up with it. As well as being pretty ugly to look at, damp walls can cause issues for your health.

Fortunately, there are some ways to stop damp coming through your walls, as this post will explore.

Getting familiar with damp walls

Damp walls are potentially more serious than you think. Aside from causing unsightly damp patches, the moisture can eventually damage your walls’ structural integrity if it’s left unresolved.

Damp walls also provide the perfect environment for mould to develop, which can trigger respiratory problems like asthma as well as increasing the chance that they will develop in the first place.

So where is it coming from? Damp walls typically arise because of one of three root causes…

Rising damp from the ground

Rising damp occurs when water in the ground under your walls rises through the wall itself. This happens through capillary action, with water absorbed through small openings in the building materials.

Damp from a leak

On the flipside, the moisture could be coming from above. Leaks in your roof or guttering can allow water to make its way into internal walls, leading to damp patches. Alternatively, the leak could wear down the external pointing, leading to water ingress over time.

Moisture in your home

The final and possibly most common cause of damp is moisture within your home. Moisture is naturally released by activities like washing, cooking and even breathing. If the moisture has nowhere to go, it could be absorbed by your walls. That’s especially true if they’re cold, with moisture naturally drawn to colder surfaces.

How to stop damp walls

To stop damp walls, first and foremost, you’ll need to tackle the root cause. That could be getting your roof fixed or having a damp proof course installed if it’s rising damp.

If the damp is coming from moisture in your home, ventilation is the first port of call. Allow moisture out by opening a window when you’re showering or cooking, for instance. It’s also best to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, above 18°C, so there aren’t any places where moisture can gather.

That said, it’s not always possible to heat every inch of your home while also letting out every drop of moisture. That’s where damp-proof walls can help. Coating your walls with Corksol SprayCork can stop moisture gathering on them, as it’s naturally moisture-resistant.

Drawing on the natural properties of cork, the coating can also improve your home’s insulation. An insulative layer on the inside of your walls will make it easier to keep the temperature up without having to crank up the heating.

Read a recent case study to find out how Corksol SprayCork provided a long-lasting, effective solution to a severe damp problem in a 1960’s London Tower Block.

Put Corksol SprayCork to the test

If you want to stop damp coming through walls in your home or commercial property, Corksol is ready and waiting. Our innovative Corksol SprayCork coating provides an effective solution to eliminate damp walls and make your property more comfortable.

Want to find out more? Contact our team today or find your nearest approved applicator, who is fully trained and equipped to stop damp coming through your walls with the power of Corksol SprayCork.

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