Cracked Render Repairs

Quick, cost-effective render repairs with a 15 year guarantee.

Has your existing render started to crack or fall off?

Corksol are proud to offer a quick, cost-effective and long lasting solution to your cracked render problems.

Render is an attractive option for the outside both residential and commercial properties. However, over time you may find cracks appearing in your render. It’s important to get these fixed to stop them developing into a bigger problem – and also to retain the aesthetic of your home or commercial building.

At CorkSol, we offer an effective overspray solution for cracked render, with a 15-year guarantee. With minimal preparation work, our natural cork render overspray takes a tiny fraction of the time compared to other solutions. The job will typically be done in a few days and best of all, your repairs will keep your property high-performing and looking great long into the future.


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Why does render crack?

There are a number of reasons why render can crack including:

Property structure

Movement in a property can cause even the best render to crack, whether it’s between a house and extension or just slight changes in the foundations.

Wrong materials

Render materials should be based on the underlying substrate. So, a malleable substrate requires a softer render. If this isn’t the case, cracking is inevitable.

Weather damage

Over time, render can also suffer from constant weathering. Years of being hit by rain and freezing temperatures can lead to cracking, especially if the materials are quite permeable.

Poor application

Render needs to be properly reinforced around reveals and joints to stop moisture getting in and accommodate for underlying movement.

Fast drying

If render is left to dry too quickly, in direct sun for instance, the water will evaporate and the material won’t bond. That results in a dry, weak structure that cracks easily.

Too moist

On the flipside, render can also crack if it has too much moisture. This could be down to shoddy installation or rising damp.

Whatever the cause of your cracked render, whether your render is newly-applied or has been on the building for years, we can help to resolve your issues.

A CorkSol approved applicator will first asses your property to ensure an overspray will be an effective solution. From here they will discuss with you the best options available for your property, costs and timeframes.

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The importance of repairing cracks

Unlike some property issues, cracked render shouldn’t be put to the back of your mind. In short, it leaves your property exposed to the elements – not to mention the render itself.

If water continues to get into the render, it will make cracks worse and lead to large patches. Any cracks or missing patches in render will allow moisture into your property, leading to damp and internal mould. Needless to say, these issues will cost a lot more to fix than the initial cracked render.

By choosing a Corksol approved applicator you can have your cracks repairs in just a couple of days and rest assured knowing they are guaranteed for 10 years.

Overspray vs repairs or re-rendering

When it comes to repairing cracked render, your options are patch repairs, re-rendering or external coatings.

Repair rendering in patches with specially made paints is a cheap fix. However, it’s impossible to find an invisible solution that fits in with your existing render. On top of that, if your render has cracked once, it’s likely to crack again. By repairing in patches, you’ll have to continually repair more cracks as and when they appear.

Re-rendering is another option and will give you a consistent finish however this is expensive and time consuming. The company will need to remove all the existing render and start from scratch, this option certainly isn’t quick or cost-effective

On the other hand, our external coatings or ‘oversprays’ offer customers an effective solution that gives you full coverage but in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Our approved applicators will apply the treatment across the whole area of existing render to cover the crack and protect against future problems.


Render repairs with a 10-year guarantee

At CorkSol, our effective overspray solution for cracked render comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Our finishes are available in a range of colours and not only look great, but bring many benefits including being highly water resistant, flexible, weather resistant and durable.

There’s no need to hack off existing render or apply base coats and with minimal preparation work, our solution takes a fraction of the time of a total re-render. There’s no messy patching in and best of all, your repairs will keep your property high-performing and looking great long into the future. Contact us today for more information.

Speak to a professional about cracked render repairs. Get in touch today on 01484 442420